Traducción de second sight en Español:

second sight

clarividencia, n.


  • 1

    clarividencia femenino
    to be gifted with second sight tener el don de la clarividencia
    • In pagan times poets were thought to be gifted with second sight, able in a trance or frenzy to foretell future events.
    • It emerges that Wolf Larsen has remarkable powers of vision - second sight, it seems.
    • Beyond this she was believed to be able to interpret dreams, had second sight and was able when the circumstances demanded to bestow a curse.
    • I loose my eyesight, then somehow gain a second sight ability.
    • My second sight scanned the area for a way to escape.
    • Unless possessed of second sight one cannot tell of the future until it happens.
    • Apparently Merewen claimed he had second sight, where he could have premonitions, and see into Other's pasts.
    • She could sense that the box was at its destination, so she released her second sight, and felt her vision come back again.
    • For his mate, Faye, was a Seer, blessed with second sight, a legacy of her Romany forebears.
    • Belief in the gift of second sight persists among some Highlanders.
    • What's more, is that somehow the man had evoked this strange second sight, this way of seeing peoples thoughts.
    • The others cackled like witches around a crystal ball, but it was Tai who had the second sight here.
    • But David finds an ally in Daryl, a New Age bookstore owner gifted with second sight.
    • You couldn't have predicted that without the gift of second sight.
    • She desperately willed her second sight to go away.
    • I often wondered if she has some sort of second sight.
    • Saúl's sister Gilma had been gifted with second sight after a terrible car accident.
    • Throughout human history, madmen have long been considered to be holy, because they alone possessed the gift of second sight.
    • Thomas Cayce, Edgar's grandfather, definitely had what was known then as ‘the gift of the second sight,’ although exactly what this meant is unclear.
    • A psychic has set up a school to teach people the art of second sight.