Traducción de section en español:


sección, n.

Pronunciación: /ˈsɛkʃ(ə)n//ˈsɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of document)

      (of object, newspaper, orchestra) sección femenino
      (of machine, piece of furniture) parte femenino
      (of road) tramo masculino
      (of city, population, public opinion) sector masculino
      (of orange) gajo masculino
      the first section of the book la primera parte del libro
      • (of document) section two, subsection one artículo dos, punto / inciso primero
      • The descriptions of the varied habits of thomsonite presented below are divided into two sections based on cavity size.
      • His report mentioned one section which dealt with the historical evolution of the village.
      • The film is divided into three distinct sections.
      • The supply network to Johannesburg consumers is to be divided into 40 sections, with one section being converted at a time.
      • They say that the buildings and structures enhance the look of the gardens and help to break them up into separate sections.
      • You can click on separate sections for news and image searches - a fairly standard feature these days.
      • The book's three sections cover ambiguity in three areas: news, measurement, and explanation.
      • It was basically a giant wedge divided into three sections front to back.
      • The collection is divided into four sections with each section arranged around a particular subject.
      • Where there is a non-smoking pub there should also be one that is smoking (or separated sections in the same pub.)
      • But Review remains a separate section and it's all the better for it.
      • The profile information is presented individually town-by-town with a separate section devoted to our rural areas.
      • The section titled Structural Integrity addresses the structural integrity of the computational approach.
      • Inside it was divided into two distinct sections.
      • Separate sections have been designed for younger children and toddlers.
      • It includes a full section devoted to the years 1937-1945.
      • Part down the middle, then divide hair into sections, front to back.
      • This exhibition is divided into two sections, the first section involves 16 participants tutored by Bridget O'Hara.
      • Timetables of express and passenger trains of all the four railway zones have been provided in separate sections.
      • After its eight-bar introduction, the movement divides into three distinct sections plus a coda.
      • The room has three separate sections with different temperatures.
      • If anything the park should be bigger, with separate novice and expert sections, seating for parents, toilets and a burger bar.
      • A separate section is devoted to the various types of fishing nets used by fishermen communities in the south.
      • There were arches in the room and some audience members were sitting in separate sections.
      • Perhaps you could include a small section devoted to explaining the 100 most common acronyms.
      • But the last section entitled " Balzac the observer " has universal relevance.
      • After lifting and dividing, replant sections from outside the clump and discard the old center.
      • Like Stryk, he divided the book into sections and did not arrange the poems specifically by previous book titles.
      • She had taken all reasonable steps to take and act on advice as required by section 14A.
      • Use the crimping plates on small sections of the separated pieces down the length of your hair.
      • And I don't separate sections of posts with rows of asterisks, either.
      • This tent was separated into two sections by a heavy partition.
      • A team of 12 engineers and contractors spent six weeks using heavy cutting gear to separate the two sections.
      • The book is divided into three main sections covering background, methods, and applications.
      • I mean, the odd thing is that Clinton devoted a large section of the book to his childhood.
      • Well, that must be right because those two sections apply in civil cases.
      • Now, Justice Sully assumed that section 11A applied, did he not?
      • Divided into five distinct sections, each portion emphasises different aspects of Shingon Buddhism.
      • It is divided into six sections, with each section containing six chapters, for a total of 36 chapters.
      • Food Safety is separated into sections in the report.
      • The menu is divided into two distinct sections but you can pick and choose accordingly.

    • 1.2EEUU (unit of land measurement)

      • With the help of other concerned citizens, they eventually succeeded in gaining a permit to graze their flocks on 14 sections of Forest Service land.
      • Here they talk about acres, but in West Texas we measure land in sections.

      640 acres o 2,59km²

  • 2

    • 2.1(department)

      sección femenino
      (manager/supervisor) (before noun) de sección
      the design section la sección de diseño
      • There exists within sections of the white electorate a deep cynicism towards the traditional political parties.
      • Within sections of the armed forces too, a particular interpretation of religion was institutionalised.
      • This was the line pursued at the time by the body politic and large sections of the media to justify a knee-jerk reaction and savage state repression.
      • The government has already alienated a large section of the population through existing anti-terror legislation.
      • The inmates are kept together in a dormitory kind of set up with separate sections for men and women.
      • Support for vouchers is growing within sections of the Democratic Party.
      • We recognize there is goodwill within certain sections of the government at a state level to tackle this problem.
      • This is much more about tensions within different sections of communities.
      • The professional section of the bourgeoisie gradually lost its former autonomy and social distinction.
      • With that Steve walked over to the men's section of the store.
      • Last year Swinney, who has faced constant sniping about his leadership credentials from some sections within the party, faced down a challenge by Glasgow activist Bill Wilson.
      • They accused some sections of that body of trying to frustrate the inquiry.
      • There are sections within the government that are putting new and difficult demands for the GAM to fulfill.
      • Tickets for a match must be sold in a way so that fans of rival teams occupy separate sections of a stadium.
      • Cruise has just launched some new jewellery sections within its stores, and there are some really interesting individual pieces.
      • No section of society should be deprived of an education to the highest level.
      • We still represent a very large section of the population.
      • In the children's section of department stores and in banks there are often toys to be found.
      • The ecumenism was typical of the girl and of the city, or at least of certain sections within it.
      • Trimble, who said he felt euphoric after the result, vowed to try to persuade all sections of the party to support him.

    • 2.2Militar

      sección femenino
      • It has tested each of you as an individual and, more importantly, as part of a war fighting infantry section.
      • A unit of action may vary from a nine-man infantry section through to a 3500-person brigade.
      • It is our tank sections and infantry squads that invariably make contact with hostile forces, not companies or battalions.
      • In Bosnia, IO staff sections were formed in units below brigade.
      • This latter cavalry regiment had sent one section still farther forward into Persia.
      • Military and DA civilian leaders have responsibility for what their sections, units, or organizations do or fail to do.
      • Due to the nature of current combat operations in Iraq, our primary mounted maneuver unit is the section.
      • Basson is still working for South Africa in its military's medical section.
      • Soldiers will be trained to deploy as individuals, sections or units.
      • Its military, working dog section consists of a single dog and it doesn't even belong to the Air Force.

  • 3

    (in geometry, drawing)
    sección femenino
    corte femenino
    a vertical/horizontal section una sección / un corte vertical/horizontal
  • 4

    • 4.1(thin slice)

      sección femenino
      • The animal from which the tissue sections are prepared is important.
      • Serial transverse sections showed homogeneous pale red-brown parenchyma without discrete abnormality.
      • Sets of transverse, serial thin sections were prepared to document growth and increase in detail.
      • Immunohistochemical studies were performed using formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections of the cyst wall.
      • At least three tissue sections from each of the 49 biopsy samples from the 15 patients considered were analyzed.

    • 4.2(in surgery)

      sección femenino
      • Obviously, if you have to deliver via Caesarian section it will take longer for you to get back on your bike.
      • On coronal sections, a mass measuring 4 cm in diameter was observed in the right frontal lobe white matter.
      • No staining in the retina or any other parts of the body was detected on sections.
      • The mother had an elective cesarean section in order to ensure proper management of the airway during delivery.
      • Once considered unthinkable, vaginal delivery after a previous caesarean section remains a safe option for many women.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (map/area) dividir
    (line) segmentar
    they sectioned off part of the office separaron parte de la oficina con una mampara (/ tabique etc. )
    • The vector field represents a vertical section through a vortex ring.
    • This technique involves mentally dividing the image in the viewfinder up into a grid of three horizontal and vertical sections.
  • 2

    (cut through)
    (prism/rock) seccionar
    (rock/prism) hacer un corte de
  • 3Britanico

    internar en un hospital siquiátrico