Traducción de sectional en Español:


entre facciones, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛkʃ(ə)n(ə)l//ˈsɛkʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    (quarrel/rivalry) entre facciones
    (interests) de grupo
    • The core of work in higher education cannot be sacrificed for individual or sectional interests.
    • They shelter the businesses due to sectional protectionism, which in turn has slowed down our implementations.
    • And there were also economic issues that fueled this sectional animosity to an even greater degree.
    • If the Green leadership were not so inward-looking, so sectional and party-minded, a coalition could have made a much more dramatic impact on the elections.
    • I have been thinking a lot about sectional interests and the way they mesh and clash within our society.
    • Recent large demonstrations featured coalitions, such as that formed by farmers, hauliers and hunt supporters, that were largely sectional and self-interested in their nature.
    • Marx, writing as a journalist observing the American civil war, analyses it flatly as a sectional conflict between Northern industrialism and Southern slave oligarchy.
    • We on the left must learn to make sectional alliances and commemorate those areas of agreement we have with people like John Paul II.
    • The left is always warning us about the cynical vested interests of the military industrial complex allegedly manipulating public policy for their sectional gain.
    • Since Southerners stopped fighting the Civil War and joined their conservative brethren in the GOP, sectional differences have become meaningless in America.
    • This aspect would be as bad if the sectional opinion the bishops happened to hold was in perfect agreement with mine.
    • Some eight years down the road, it is important that vocal sectional interests do not blind the community to reforms that are in the public interest.
    • Here in Korea, bias can be a big factor since there is sectional bias.
    • We come from Lismore's urban, village, and rural areas and do not represent any party, business or sectional interest.
    • But in the parliament in August, the only opposition came from parties that represent sectional and regional interests.
    • Groups representing sectional business interests presently lead the ongoing fuel protests.
    • That does not mean that slavery was irrelevant or insignificant, but without an understanding of the sectional power relationships at stake we can be led to overstate its importance.
    • What I resent is that they do want to impose their views on the rest of us, using the government (our common government) for this sectional purpose.
    • The election campaign has highlighted the fracturing of Fijian politics and government institutions along racial, regional and sectional lines.
    • Many different languages were spoken, and a multitude of sectional hatreds were combined in troubled cacophony.
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    (diagram/view) en sección
    (view/diagram) en corte
    • There will be working models and sectional views to explain how important it is to conserve and tap rainwater.
    • Lightweight technology is applied to commands such as dimensioning, mating, components insertion, interference detection, and sectional views.
    • Bruneau dedicated a much more detailed study to the building, providing an accurate plan, sectional drawings, and an epigraphic register.
    • This illustration attempts to show a sectional front view of the hip injury in an advanced state of osteroarthritis.
    • Since 1911, several authors have published texts of sectional anatomy and have been successful, in varying degrees, in accomplishing their objectives.
    • A follow-up CT scan of the chest 6 months later included sectional views of the upper abdomen and showed an abnormality in the pancreas.
    • The collection here includes some superb Adam elevations and sectional drawings.
    • By stacking the sectional images, they can create a top-to-bottom movie showing structural and cellular details throughout the scaffold's volume.
    • With existing cameras, he explained, he could make only a series of sectional views and piece them together.
    • He was interested in the picture showing drivers receiving instruction on a sectional model of an Austin chassis.
    • This was a blown - up photocopy of the relevant portion of a sectional drawing of the relevant part of the HTV appliance.
    • When the ideas have borne their full fruit, algebra will appear like a sectional model of the whole form of thought.
    • The sectional drawing speaks for itself: floating over the harbour, the entire volume is hooked to the cliff by the bridge.
    • This flagellate is surrounded by fungal hyphae (thin arrows), which appear in different sectional planes each as a bright central core with surrounding halo.
    • I drew for him a sectional view of the area, indicating the staircase and plaza above.
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    (furniture) modular
    • The project saw the aging clubhouse replaced by a sectional timber building.
    • Finally, a student named Ben was selling a sectional couch in the classifieds section.
    • Families have a permanent base to park their caravans or erect sectional buildings.
    • The buildings have one thing in common - they are sectional title buildings.