Traducción de sector en Español:


sector, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛktər//ˈsɛktə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(part)

      sector masculino
      the private/public sector el sector privado/público
      • sectors of the population sectores de la población
      • He said that the Bobby Van targeted a vulnerable sector of society.
      • As Dr Eulenspiegel has rightly stated, these contributions encompassed a multiplicity of areas and sectors.
      • We need to continue to support the development of childcare places in community, private and workplace sectors based on local identified need.
      • In many African cities, expatriates form a large part of the patronage sector of the local intelligentsia.
      • The southern sector of the Roundway Hospital site was redeveloped about five years ago and is now called Drews Park.
      • This silent divide will almost certainly lead to widening divisions in the sector based on individual and institutional privilege.
      • The belt of southern sectors from Sectors 31 to 49 and Sectors 20, 21, 22 and 23 were affected.
      • If we are to deliver sustainable growth for the bottom mussel sector will need the sector itself to be part of the decision making process.
      • Combined they account for a huge portion of the beef sector which overall makes up about 90% of meat output in the Irish market.
      • In one of the southern sectors, one can admire the beautiful pink coloured landscape of cassias.
      • There is an ambivalence in a peace settlement that large sectors of both populations oppose.
      • The costs of organizing at the European level may be especially onerous for the voluntary non-profit sector.
      • The negatives are related to the US, where rival luxury goods firms have been cutting prices - which is not the done thing in this portion of the sector.
      • This led to flooding of a large number of sectors in northern as well as southern sectors of Chandigarh.
      • Illegal rooms have been constructed by city residents on open terraces of the existing block of flats in the entire belt of the southern sectors.
      • Females that approached from the front and back sectors should have seen hoods and males at greater angular separations.
      • Services were proposed to be delivered to citizens in rural areas in the following sectors on a priority basis.
      • And certainly the GOP's ignoring of certain sectors of the population doesn't help.
      • What has happened is we've had this expedited return program in about four of the sectors along our southern border.
      • Some lawmakers questioned if those invited to take part in the two previous talks truly represented different sectors of society.

    • 1.2Militar

      sector masculino
      the American sector of the city el sector americano de la ciudad
      • The First Battalion of the Black Watch is based in the British sector of southern Iraq, near Basra.
      • He found himself in Jallas area of Poonch sector inside the Indian territory near the Line of Control.
      • However, Cork faced one major obstacle - the German troops freed up in the southern sectors of Norway, could now help the German troops around Narvik.
      • This flight concentrated on the role usually played by the helicopter over the southern sector in response to naval tasking.
      • The UN has split southern Sudan into six sectors, which will be controlled by different troop contributing countries.
      • Smith described the fighting in the southern sector as heavy with ‘lots of casualties’ among al-Qaida forces.

  • 2

    (of circle)
    sector masculino
    • Each group was made up of units designated by letters, which were then assigned appropriate sectors on circles of different sizes.
    • Kepler, in his work on planetary motion, had to find the area of sectors of an ellipse.
    • For example, Figure 4a shows three such rings formed from the sectors and rectangle in Figure 3a.
    • The protein molecules are modeled as 120 deg sectors of a circle.
    • We previously used a simple diagram showing a very small number of sectors.