Traducción de seek en Español:


buscar, v.

Pronunciación /siːk//sik/

verbo transitivosought

  • 1formal

    (search for)
    (object/person) buscar
    they set sail to seek a new route to the Indies zarparon en busca de una nueva ruta a las Indias
    • Either they sought the site out, or they followed a link that interests them.
    • Old Chicago execs decided not to push wine by the bottle, though bottles are available if customers seek it out.
    • Clubs and societies all over the country are organising fundraisers and shops and pubs have buckets organised that they don't need to shake or rattle - customers seek them out to make their donation.
    • A suitably manual project for the day is sought out.
    • The situation facing some women upon their release, however, is so desolate that they have returned to the prison seeking food and shelter.
    • Far from being regarded as nutty they were sought out as sages or holy men.
    • People were asked to reapply and new presenters were sought out.
    • The very best of that international expertise was sought out and hired, a move which proved invaluable.
    • Many cards were outdated as people moved to new jobs, forcing him to seek them out before starting all over again.
    • Spotting a small group of shoppers seeking protection from the cold in a bus shelter, he turns his megaphone in their direction.
    • We darted form place to place, seeking what little cover we could find.
    • Rather, such evidence is not unearthed because of the lack of the will to seek it out.
    • I wonder whether I sought them out as friends because of it.
    • However it wasn't long before the church could no longer cope with the volume of people seeking a place for food, shelter and chat and so new premises were sought.
    • A customer who seeks you out through the Internet is another story.
    • With post-war prosperity, the baby boom, and increased college attendance, the masses started coming, whether the museums sought them out or not.
    • Journalists from other papers can confirm that I never sought them out.
    • Dom raced back to Don and explained that there was a boy who sought food and shelter.
    • Realizing that the city was far too crowded to find shelter, they sought a hiding place in the woods.
    • Their only shelter is an abandoned trench, where they rest and seek refuge, but little do they know that their nightmare has only just begun.
    • Many in earshot of the blast feared the Germans had landed and sought refuge in air raid shelters.
    • There is a pattern of not ensuring that those responsible for criminal acts have been sought out and brought before the law.
    • He had searched near 10 islands, seeking her out.
    • They are now in the capital, Monrovia, seeking refuge and shelter, of which there is none.
    • We both are seeking for an effective way to deal with this situation.
    • The truth is, I sought you out because I knew you wouldn't talk to me.
    • If the crop does not remove all these nutrients, lower rates are applied or alternative fields are sought out.
    • After a strong swim we sought shelter close against the substrate, watching the reef inhabitants engage in their own dangerous games of hide and seek.
    • Mixed-breed dogs, once the domain of US animal shelters, are being sought by an increasing number of Americans looking for special pooches.
    • Mr Hughes was critical of the Government for the way in which foreign nurses have been sought out and employed at times of crisis, only to be let go again a short time later.
    • Widespread logging destroyed winter shelter, while lumber-jacks sought the lean meat.
    • I had always known them to be a very, very consistent advocate for civil liberties, but we disagreed on so many issues that I never really sought them out in terms of an ally.
    • Through successful marketing programs, these companies have acquired loyal customer bases willing to seek them out and buy their brands on-line.
  • 2

    (try to obtain)
    (work/shelter/companionship) buscar
    (explanation/solution) tratar de encontrar
    (solution/explanation) buscar
    she was seeking revenge quería vengarse
    • she's always seeking attention siempre está tratando de llamar la atención
    • As such, only verbal consent was sought and obtained.
    • In none of the transfer cases which have been cited to us had the consent of the man been sought or obtained.
    • In addition, regardless of any possibilities for dialogue, it was never clear whether the regime actively sought a complete cessation of violence.
    • He's agreed to seek counseling, but I believe it's too late.
    • These were representatives of a bankrupt regime that sought salvation in a turn towards capitalism.
    • They are an incredibly valuable resource to a transforming Army that has desired and sought adaptive capacity in its leaders.
    • Despite this, many people do not seek help for their problems.
    • Trained as a psychiatric nurse, she suggests there are social reasons why parents today are actively seeking outside advice.
    • They seek to establish their own state to oppress people, legally and officially.
    • The British government then sought his extradition on charges relating to offences committed 20 years ago.
    • It was the interview he had been seeking for three years.
    • He advised couples who suspected they may be growing apart to seek counselling early.
    • The council said it would not pursue legal costs against parents who sought a judicial review on the closure.
    • In addition to the claim for prerogative relief, the prosecutor also seeks an injunction against the third respondent.
    • In such situations, it is understandable that parents should seek an explanation, in a vain attempt at closure.
    • The applicant also seeks leave to challenge the sentence.
    • The company has been actively seeking clarification regarding the status of the company.
    • Recognizing the limitations of art education in the United States, Coleman sought training in Paris.
    • I will hear argument on whether the injunction should be extended pending any appeal, if permission to appeal is sought and obtained.
    • Your willingness to seek training beyond the studio's requirements sends a very strong message.
  • 3

    (help/approval) pedir
    we had to seek the advice of a specialist tuvimos que asesorarnos con un especialista
    • People concerned should seek medical attention when early symptoms set in.
    • Following advice from a teacher, Smriti sought medical help but the doctor did not tell her that her son was suffering from schizophrenia.
    • A constant feeling of tiredness nagged at him and eventually he sought medical help.
    • A deaf person, more often than not, delays seeking medical help, partly due to the wrong notion that his condition is incurable.
    • Initially, her behaviour went unnoticed and the first time she sought medical help was when she asked her mother to bring her to the doctor.
    • I've tried to get him to accept my advice that he should seek medical help, but he persists.
    • It is thought that fewer than 20% of sufferers with moderate to severe symptoms have sought medical advice.
    • If anything serious happens to you or a person for whom you have responsibility, or you have any medical concerns, you should seek advice from a medical professional.
    • Many affected people do not seek help from professionals.
    • Today the opposite applies: the patient seeks information and advice and then decides on the treatment he or she would like.
    • They had to go from pillar to post, seeking assistance for medical attention and subsequent rehabilitation.
    • If your kid starts complaining about any of the obvious symptoms the last thing you want to do is encourage the behavior by seeking medical attention.
    • The mother thinks the problem may be the girl's tongue, so they went to the hospital, seeking medical intervention.
    • However, if parents do have concerns about their child's health, they should seek medical advice as soon as possible.
    • The police could have sought medical attention for Paul.
    • If skin is badly torn or if bleeding persists, apply pressure to stop the bleeding, then seek medical help.
    • In May, he turned up in Baghdad seeking medical treatment, U.S. officials later learned.
    • He was spurred by discovering that he had prostate cancer, which was completely cured because he sought medical help straight away.
    • After World War II, many Canadians actively sought the advice and intervention of psychologists to solve their everyday problems.
    • I have not yet sought medical advice, but propose to do so.
  • 4formal

    (try to bring about)
    (reconciliation) buscar
    (reconciliation) tratar de lograr
    to seek to + inf intentar + inf
    • they sought to overthrow the government trataron de / intentaron derrocar al gobierno
  • 5

    (move towards)
    plants seek the light las plantas buscan la luz

verbo intransitivosought


  • 1

    to seek for/after sth ir en busca de algo