Traducción de seesaw en Español:


balancín, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsiˌsɔ//ˈsiːsɔː/


  • 1

    (in playground)
    balancín masculino
    subibaja masculino
    • It journeys through an assault course of fields, hills, rivers, woods, a see-saw and other exciting obstacles.
    • Therefore, he had plenty of time for such wholesome activities as sitting motionless on the edge of a see-saw.
    • All the traditional features, such as climbing frames, swings, see-saws and slides, can be seen but there is so much more besides.
    • Some brought see-saws, slides and swings to their frames.
    • Swings, a see-saw and a slide had already been ordered.
    • Every block has a park with the usual swing, see-saw and playthings.
    • There have already been hundreds of people coming to this park, and because there is such a big demand, we are planning on adding a second set of swings, see-saws, sand pit and benches.
    • Thirteen children's playgrounds are to be shut down but swings, see-saws and slides on six other sites are to be saved.
    • This week some swings and see-saws have been put in the site.
    • Greta told me of her childhood when she enjoyed visits to Feniscowles Hall, which then had pleasure gardens with swings and see-saws.
    • The display now includes a see-saw, rocking horse, Santas, gnomes and elves.
    • If this proposed standard is adopted, it will outlaw all but the tiniest horses and it also affects other indoor toys such as swings and see-saws.
    • When not on the beach, Rian enjoyed the children's playground, which offered a slide, swings, see-saw and fortress.
  • 2

    (of opinion, prices)
    vaivén masculino
    oscilación femenino
    before noun seesaw motion balanceo masculino
    • In these see-saw markets, in whom, or what, do we trust?
    • The emotional see-saw of her life so far, with its successes and failures, knows few limits.
    • The intellectual see-saw continues as we're carefully guided through an ethical minefield of technologies.
    • Few contests ever have involved so much see-saw emotion.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (emotions/prices) oscilar
    to seesaw between despair and euphoria oscilar entre la desesperación y la euforia