Traducción de seize en Español:


agarrar, v.

Pronunciación /siːz//siz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (grab, snatch)
    (object/hand) agarrar
    (opportunity) aprovechar
    (power) tomar
    (power) hacerse con
    he seized me by the shoulder me agarró del hombro
    • I seized the handrail me agarré / me así de la barandilla
    • she seized the book from his hands le arrebató el libro de las manos
    • He quickly seized it with one hand and pointed it at the door.
    • She seized the opportunity and there has been no looking back since.
    • She seized the older boy by the arm and drew him inside.
    • He quickly seized her wrist and pinned it to her side.
    • They were being offered a regular and secure investment opportunity which they seized with alacrity.
    • This is an opportunity they must seize with both hands.
    • Logically, one would think that the church would embrace this opportunity and seize the chance to equip the saints for the work of the Kingdom.
    • Cooper writes about post-modern politics as an opportunity we must seize.
    • Instead of replying Faith seized her by the hand and began pulling her along.
    • Limerick will know that they should have seized the opportunity because the chance was there, playing against a 14-man Kerry team at home.
    • Jin escaped Vamp's hold, only to be seized by the arms.
    • Warner quickly seized the opportunity and immediately signed the prodigious talent.
    • We must admit that China's decision to seize a business opportunity to promote Chinese language has had good results.
    • What unplanned opportunities have you seized, and how?
    • This is a momentous opportunity that Indonesia must seize.
    • She has seized every opportunity during seven years in the Navy, and recently took the position as the top Sailor in her field.
    • This is a conflict that can widen or an opportunity we can seize.
    • The Government has set targets for reducing CO2 emissions that we will stand no chance of meeting unless we seize opportunities to invest in renewable energy when we can.
    • The two attendants quickly hurried forward and roughly seized Angel about her arms.
    • You find the miracles in opportunities seized, in magic believed.
    • This season, injuries to others gave him his opportunity; he seized his chance with aplomb, and has been clinging to the shirt ever since.
    • This magnificent opportunity was eagerly seized by modernizing employers.
    • The British National party quickly seized the opportunity to exploit the attack.
    • Find opportunities and seize chances to convey the message of Islam to others.
    • Germany seized its opportunity following its victory over France in the 1871 war.
    • A decision to seize the opportunity they present could have a major impact on the left internationally.
  • 2

    • 2.1(capture)

      (town/fortress) tomar
      (town/fortress) apoderarse de
      (person) detener
      • The allies had made several attempts to capture it so they could go on and seize Rome.
      • The British army seized New York City in September 1776 and continued to occupy it when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown five years later.
      • Things did turn sour, though, when Chechen rebels seized a Moscow theater.
      • He has admitted he was one of the 32 armed rebels who seized the school last September.
      • On Oct.23, 2002, Chechen rebels seized a Moscow theater and held hostages for three days.
      • The government had for days promised an all-out offensive against the rebels who seized half the country after a bloody coup attempt on September 19.
      • He could not seize Rome and secure his logistic base.
      • In 1862 he moved to the western theater, leading part of the Union army that seized Corinth, Mississippi.

    • 2.2

      (property/assets) (confiscate) confiscar
      (impound) embargar
      (contraband/cargo) confiscar
      (cargo/contraband) decomisar
      (arms/drugs) incautar
      (arms/drugs) incautarse de
      (copies of book) secuestrar
      • A transit van was also seized by officers, who are continuing their investigation.
      • His right to possession may be suspended or temporarily divested if the goods are seized by the police under lawful authority.
      • The problem was that he needed access to funds seized by the police for legal fees.
      • His captors had sent e-mails to government and news organizations on a computer later seized by the Pakistani police.
      • Hundreds of miniature lead soldiers seized in a burglary bust are to be reunited with their owner.
      • Customs officers at Dublin Airport yesterday seized a drugs shipment worth €1.3m which was bound for New York.
      • Drugs worth billions of rands were seized by the police last year, the department of detective services said yesterday.
      • Forensic tests are now being carried out on items seized by police.
      • He was immediately seized by Canadian immigration authorities and has been held in detention since February.
      • Officers believe the amount of cannabis seized by officers will seriously impact supplies throughout south London and beyond.
      • Police are examining computer equipment seized during the search.
      • Magic mushrooms and cannabis plants were seized by police officers carrying out a drugs raid on a house in Atworth.
      • In addition to the arrests, caches of arms have also been seized.
      • Though he intended to crop out all identifying details, the uncropped negatives were seized by the police and leaked to the press, setting off a media firestorm.
      • In 1993, 53.15 tons of cannabis were seized by the government.
      • This is the haul of alcohol seized by police in an undercover operation targeting young drinkers.
      • An amount of ecstasy tablets were also seized in this raid.
      • They also produced receipts which they said identified where all of the items seized by the police had been purchased.
      • The drugs and property gained from sale of the drugs were seized as evidence.
      • A large haul of weapons was also seized in the raids.

  • 3

    she was seized with panic fue presa del pánico
    • they were seized by foreboding les dio un presentimiento
    • he was seized with the desire to … sintió garas de …
    • He'd never seen, never imagined, the like of this moment, and a vast, inarticulate longing seized him.
    • I was sitting at my desk, hunched over a grammar worksheet, when the feeling seized me.
    • Momentary panic seized him, and he patted urgently at his pockets, discovering with relief that the things he would need were still there.
    • Panic seized her as Pearl felt herself being led towards the water.
    • Panic seized me as I realized Jacob had not been selected.
    • Fury seized John when he learned of Daisy's destination.
    • I gasp sharply as a sudden pain seizes me around my waist.
    • Panic seized me as I realized she might have said her name during one of those auditory lapses.
    • Three miles into the journey she was seized with labour pains.
    • Suddenly she was seized with fear, not of death itself, but of what comes after death.
    • No temptation has seized you except what is common to man.
    • As the evening comes on, an incomprehensible feeling of disquietude seizes me, just as if night concealed some terrible menace toward me.
    • I saw them stand up and leave and panic seized me.
    • A sudden panic seized her, and Lila hurriedly tripped her way to the glass doors, managing to arrive there just as he was about to walk out.
    • Rage seized him, filling his throat so that he could not speak.
    • For a moment, panic seized her as she stiffened, sitting up abruptly.
    • All the clutter on his desk was spread out in front of me, and a great curiosity seized me.
    • A foreign emotion seized Jason as he watched the scene.
    • Fear seized her as she suddenly realized that something was indeed different.
    • She felt an irrational anger seize her at this small disturbance in the palace routine.