Traducción de self-awareness en Español:


conciencia de sí mismo, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈˌsɛlf əˈwɛrnəs/


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    conciencia de sí mismo femenino
    • It is an oddly theatrical moment of self-awareness, of the desire to be individual but cling to the safety of the group.
    • Through journal writing and therapy, increase self-awareness of feelings and needs.
    • The training included listening skills, issues of confidentiality, communication and self-awareness.
    • Victoria, on the other hand, has a smattering of self-awareness.
    • Studying for exams was the least helpful approach for teaching self-awareness.
    • To apply the golden rule adequately, we need knowledge, imagination and self-awareness.
    • This requires a high level of self-awareness and ability to make informed and independent decisions.
    • Over the years his poetry has experienced an evolution of themes and self-awareness.
    • Then I came to realize that every time I create self-awareness, consciousness arises as a byproduct.
    • Darkly mesmerising, the film hypnotises us into self-awareness and then snaps its fingers.
    • The last chapter on the evolution and functions of self-awareness is particularly captivating.
    • Consciousness or self-awareness is obviously the proverbial tip of the iceberg.
    • This self-awareness, this sentient consciousness is also what separates us from every other animal life form on the planet.
    • Other areas covered in the workshop include self-awareness, communication skills and anger management.
    • The third level of development involves self-awareness and an ability to use theory with clients.
    • This book is extremely helpful in developing self-awareness and skills for working with women.
    • Collins began to note how certain foods made her feel, and this self-awareness led her to alter her diet.
    • With consciousness come moral beliefs, rational arguments and self-awareness.
    • They had thought that, because of the immediacy of self-awareness, the self must be a genuine object of consciousness.
    • The problem is that their professed ideals are at odds with their lack of self-awareness.