Traducción de self-delusion en Español:


autoengaño, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈˌsɛlf dəˈluʒən/


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    autoengaño masculino
    • Unfortunately, when these rules are broken there is a real danger that an ingenuous error will evolve from self-delusion to fraud.
    • Negotiations are the heroin of Westerners addicted to self-delusion.
    • There is no end to the Government's capacity for self-delusion.
    • We seem to have a genetic capacity for self-delusion, Wright says.
    • My theory is that many chiefs are victims of self-delusion, their own double-speak.
    • Enthusiasm and dedication can easily turn to self-delusion and, once scientific rigour is relaxed, error and confusion are almost inevitable.
    • His self-delusion is so complete he regards this as a principle, instead of a symptom of his own narcissism.
    • Part of it is self-delusion, part of it is an act.
    • There is nothing wrong with courtesy but if it is made into an industry or profession it carries the danger of hypocrisy or self-delusion.
    • This atrocity exposes the wilful self-delusion of western liberals who want to believe that humanity is essentially good
    • When anybody calls their bluff and punctures this self-delusion, they can only cope by insulting and vilifying their critics.
    • We excel at self-delusion, rationalization and making dumb stuff up.
    • That level of ‘disassembly’ requires a very high degree of self-delusion.
    • Take a look at his positions, and marvel at this man, who has never done anything but run for office, and his capacity for self-delusion.
    • Either way, the net effect is to tilt the playing field further and further towards self-delusion.
    • These, and other gems of paranoia and self-delusion will no doubt surface over the next month.
    • For all their weakness, cowardice, and self-delusion, these men strike an unexpected, sympathetic chord.
    • He remains an eloquent and witty portrait of self-delusion.
    • Some would say she's got no chance - and that exercises in self-delusion like this article are one of the key reasons why.
    • To normal, healthy people the prideful self-delusion is obvious.