Traducción de self-discipline en Español:


autodisciplina, n.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛlfˈdɪsəplɪn//ˈˌsɛlf ˈdɪsɪplɪn/


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    autodisciplina femenino
    • However, most people have enough self-discipline or restraint so they do not act out on these instinctual urges.
    • I can think of it as self-discipline to make me stronger.
    • Your keys are your determination and self-discipline, and by your own efforts, you can achieve success.
    • They connected attitude, self-discipline, and self-respect to a healthy state.
    • The ethical rationale of the fast is to teach self-discipline, humility, and empathy with the poor.
    • They are industrious people who believe in strong families, self-discipline and orderly lifestyles.
    • The purpose isn't health or holiness, but self-discipline and character-building.
    • The scheme was designed to encourage initiative, self-discipline, leadership and caring skills in young people.
    • It teaches self-discipline, self-confidence, and academic skills, just to name a few.
    • Gap years, unlike conscription, are a free-will step towards adulthood and self-discipline.
    • She considers her strong self-discipline and self-demanding behaviour to be a problem sometimes.
    • In conditions which tested the resolve of the players as much as their character, the level of self-discipline applied was admirable.
    • Through self-reliance and self-discipline, the child is inspired to embark on a voyage of self-discovery.
    • The terrifying self-discipline is spectacle enough.
    • Offenders should be taught self-discipline, personal responsibility and how to act like ‘a decent human being’.
    • In the diary, it is self-discipline alone that determines volume.
    • They will have better self-control, personal self-discipline and an increased ability to stay focused on their objectives.
    • Teachers also wanted physical education to be made part of the curriculum, because it promoted team spirit and self-discipline.
    • You need self-discipline, skill and individual motivation.
    • I continue to strive for a strong body, self-discipline and complete tranquility.