Traducción de self-effacing en Español:


modesto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛlfɪˈfeɪsɪŋ//ˈˌsɛlf əˈfeɪsɪŋ/


  • 1

    (modest) modesto
    (diffident) retraído
    • Diffident, brusque and self-effacing to the point of invisibility, he was not the first person you would choose if you wanted to mount a charm offensive.
    • Perhaps we need a trade union of the self-effacing, an Oscar for tentativeness and diffidence.
    • He's a very able person, but at the same time incredibly modest and self-effacing.
    • She is too modest and too self-effacing to tell the whole story, but she will, I hope, some day.
    • He seems a genuinely good person, humble and self-effacing, and he's a talented actor and filmmaker.
    • While the film's form is remarkably self-effacing, its content and visual style resemble the best of Hollywood westerns.
    • Modest, well-mannered and self-effacing, he is someone everybody likes because he works hard at earning their trust and affection.
    • He was a slight, gentle, self-effacing man, very bright, a little absent-minded, with a lovely sense of humour.
    • He's modest about his achievements, self-effacing about his music and finds an old-fashioned dignity in hard work.
    • He is so modest and self-effacing which also makes him popular with his peers.
    • He is modest and self-effacing - not someone seeking his fifteen minutes of fame.
    • He remains modest and self-effacing, thank goodness, but now we know there is a core of steel within the good-natured exterior.
    • A meek, self-effacing figure, he grows more haggard and needy as his hopes of business success and personal harmony crumble.
    • This last comment is typical of the band's self-effacing and humble attitude to everything that's happened to them.
    • Both have demonstrated an appealing shyness, a self-effacing modesty, and a stated preference for getting on with the work.
    • He was a humble, self-effacing man, not given to self-aggrandisement of any sort.
    • Here as in the first movement, the players' modesty is almost self-effacing.
    • You know, neither my wife nor I are into self-deprecation or make any lame attempts to be self-effacing.
    • I don't tell you all this just to be humble or self-effacing.
    • God's glory and beauty are revealed in poor, humble, hurting and self-effacing lives of faith and compassion.