Traducción de self-pitying en Español:


autocompasivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛlf ˈpɪdiɪŋ///


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    • I have no intention of disrupting their adjustment just because my currently holiday mopey self-pitying housemate thinks the world revolves around her.
    • I'm going to be self-indulgent and self-pitying.
    • Her self-pitying mood began after nominations on Tuesday night when she walked in on an intense conversation between Andre and Richard.
    • Think of when you read back over old diary entries and the intensity of the mood that made you write them had passed, leaving only the faintly self-pitying words behind.
    • I'm sorry for that, but weekends like I've just had make me nostalgic, self-pitying and sort of despairing once they're done.
    • Unfortunately, he ends up more involved than the viewer, because the leading characters are self-obsessed, self-pitying and lacking in redemptive sympathy.
    • Just as the musicians' lyrics are violent, obscene and self-pitying, so is the generation that supports their opulent lifestyle.
    • It is virtually tuneless, self-pitying, uninteresting and is a world apart from the subtle atmospherics of the band's best work.
    • Identitarian politics are clearly inadequate in such cases, merely empowering the self-pitying rhetoric of some groups - including, by the way, the far right.
    • Thankfully, though, I believe that the Scottish art world has wider horizons than such navel-gazing, self-pitying introspection.
    • Am I missing something, or is this a pathetic body of work, as whiny, self-pitying and incompetent as it is hateful?
    • It is clear that the author needs a holiday as he has resorted to writing self-pitying rubbish, and bizarre Kaufman-esque ‘post-within-a post’ ramblings like this one.
    • The least happy are the self-indulgent, self-centered, self-assertive, self-pitying, or simply selfish.
    • I have not yet myself lived long enough on this earth to even begin to know what to say in answer to such a heartfelt but absurd and self-pitying statement.
    • Sorry, I'm aware that the above paragraphs are little more than a protracted and self-pitying whinge, but I needed to get it off my chest.
    • I'm bloody tired of having to accept weak, devious, self-pitying parasites who, in the end, do not want to help themselves and simply want a free ride.
    • The forces of good are deceitful, proud and capricious; evil is largely unrepentant, self-pitying and, yet, absolved.
    • I'm perfectly aware that even at the best of times, the above post would seem excessively introverted, self-pitying and navel-gazing.
    • While he is strangely compelling in this role at first, the red and self-pitying eyes get old after the first 30 minutes.
    • It includes text which Joan wanted to use to show what it feels like to have breast cancer without making it depressing or self-pitying.