Traducción de self-righteous en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌsɛlfˈrʌɪtʃəs//ˌsɛlf ˈraɪtʃəs/


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    (person) con pretensiones de superioridad moral
    (person) farisaico
    (tone) de superioridad moral
    • We are getting too self-righteous and smug in our self-importance.
    • You spend lots of time being snug and smug in the spa, then feel very self-righteous when you venture out into the cold.
    • Lincoln was a man of moral purpose who never allowed himself to become self-righteous about his morality.
    • The tone is superior and self-righteous, but there is some truth to what Wills was saying.
    • We'd give them the belt, but their self-righteous indignation is cloying.
    • We consume from necessity, with a self-righteous tinge of regret; others waste because of selfishness and stupidity.
    • Even more infuriating are the self-righteous hypocrites who claim to speak for a superior moral majority.
    • In my experience, moral outrage all too quickly becomes self-righteous authoritarianism.
    • History is littered with the debris of self-righteous, intolerant, xenophobic, rabble-rousing ideologies.
    • This sort of smug, self-righteous moralising is exactly what the original American student was speaking out against.
    • It's a shrill, macho, fatuously self-righteous action movie about a wholesome superstar called Bo persecuted by paparazzi.
    • What's with all this self-righteous indignation about reality television?
    • I became a self-righteous bigot as the hatred in my heart grew.
    • I think all this self-righteous morality is just jealousy with a halo and hypocrisy.
    • Should we allow our cultural heritage to be hijacked by a handful of self-righteous pedagogical censors?
    • Is it any wonder I am infuriated by smug, self-righteous politicians who know nothing about country life yet want to abolish hunting with hounds?
    • The other tabloids will gleefully join in, in a frenzy of self-righteous hypocrisy.
    • This should not reinforce any smug, self-righteous complacency on the part of mainline churches.
    • We have now been subjected to three biased reports over the past three weeks and several self-righteous letters from family and supporters of these boys.
    • Then there's the bad, bad kind, where one is blatantly rude, pompous and self-righteous about what they do not know.