Traducción de self-sufficiency en Español:


independencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛlfsəˈfɪʃnsi///


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    independencia femenino
    Economía autoabastecimiento masculino
    Economía autosuficiencia femenino
    Economía autarquía femenino
    • Suffering insults us by calling into question our self-sufficiency and integrity as individuals.
    • What politics did was to deprive the citizen of his self-sufficiency and his freedom to choose and to act.
    • This approach rejects the autonomy and self-sufficiency of neoclassical economics.
    • The rules of self-sufficiency were changed yet again as oxygen was pumped in to prevent brain damage.
    • Individuals must take advantage of all other means of self-sufficiency and view social assistance as an absolute last resort.