Traducción de self-sufficient en Español:


independiente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛlfsəˈfɪʃ(ə)nt//ˈˌsɛlf səˈfɪʃənt/


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    (person) independiente
    (country) autosuficiente
    (country) autárquico
    to be self-sufficient in sth autoabastecerse de algo
    • the country is self-sufficient in oil el país se autoabastece de petróleo
    • India is self-sufficient in food production, but starvation is reported every year in this country of a billion-plus people.
    • As independent, self-sufficient camp professionals, we all chafe at increasing government involvement in our personal lives and camp operations.
    • This book is addressed to music teachers and discusses how they can help children become independent and self-sufficient music thinkers.
    • We believe that Montserrat should be self-sufficient in food production.
    • One facet of this was that many parts of the non-European world, previously self-sufficient in basic foods, were now forced into being suppliers of cheap raw materials for the rich countries.
    • Seeds and tools can be given, which allow families to grow food and become self-sufficient.
    • Despite its use of ‘primitive’ techniques, Mexico was also once largely self-sufficient in basic grains production.
    • You are very rooted internally, and emotionally self-sufficient, regardless of how chaotic or unstable your circumstances may become.
    • Both oppose the contemporary notion of an independent, self-sufficient, wholly autonomous self.
    • Not only were you beautiful but you were also smart, self-sufficient, independent and strong.
    • The country is self-sufficient in food production, despite the increased production of cash crops.
    • When I was dating the man who would become my third husband, I finally felt self-sufficient emotionally.
    • An independent woman is self-sufficient and free to have fun!
    • Local communities outside the cities are largely self-sufficient in food production.
    • I would insist that we be self-sufficient in food within two years, and that all profits from all companies operating on Irish soil should remain in Ireland.
    • Britain had never been self-sufficient in food.
    • She is an independent, resourceful, and self-sufficient woman.
    • Lisa emotionally withdrew and became, in every way, an adult - a self-sufficient person with her emotions and her life under tight control.
    • While staff remained supportive, they encouraged the adolescents and young adults to become more independent and self-sufficient.
    • Such self-made men are often proud and self-sufficient.
    • There, the farmers have helped transform the country into a self-sufficient food producer, to the extent that Zambia will this year export maize for the first time in decades.
    • She had grown used to not having her father around, and was so self-sufficient and intelligent and beautiful.
    • As I argued in my last column, we must not fool ourselves into believing that we can become totally self-sufficient in food.
    • In 1975 Angola was self-sufficient in food crops, the world's fourth-largest coffee grower, and had the richest fishing grounds in southern Africa.
    • You are so self-sufficient that your emotions are always controlled (in some individuals this aspect creates the appearance of being cold).
    • Approximately 85 percent of the population live in rural areas and are largely self-sufficient in food production, and many derive cash income from export cash crops and local food markets.
    • Both sides in Cyprus are fairly self-sufficient in terms of food production and both export a variety of fruit and vegetables.
    • Until the past few decades, Nigeria had been self-sufficient in producing enough food to feed the population.
    • Americans, even today, are taught by their parents that to be free they must learn to be self-sufficient and independent, and that they cannot depend on others.
    • Zambia, in the last three years, has not only been self-sufficient in food, but has managed to export maize to some neighbouring countries.
    • Turkey is self-sufficient in food production.
    • Boys are independent, self-sufficient, aggressive, dominant, ambitious, stoic, and above all, successful.
    • We don't have to worry about having enough to eat because we are basically self-sufficient in food.
    • Carrying a tent and a small camping stove with him, he camped every night during his journey through Europe and Russia, cooking his own food and therefore remaining self-sufficient.
    • Despite abundant livestock, one of the world's richest fishing zones, and a huge agriculture potential, the country is not self-sufficient in food and other basic necessities.