Traducción de selfless en Español:


desinteresado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛlfləs//ˈsɛlfləs/


  • 1

    • The winners were chosen for showing bravery in the face of disability, illness or selfless devotion to others.
    • Certainly no one should imagine media corporations are suddenly guided by selfless altruism.
    • The play attracted a large audience among the young, who were greatly moved by Che's selfless heroism.
    • In the film he is someone with a generous heart and an open mind, sensitive, selfless and even noble.
    • They have given an example to all the community by their selfless dedication to any job they undertook to better the area.
    • That selfless act - at the moment of their deepest grief - has provided the gift of life to at least five other people.
    • It is a community rather less motivated by tolerance, acceptance and the virtues of selfless denial.
    • My desire to acquire a little bit of rented land on which to grow all things green did not arise from a need to be part of this selfless gardening community.
    • One cannot but stand in awe of such selfless devotion to a cause.
    • Not surprisingly, according to Microsoft, the whole scheme is an exercise in selfless public service.
    • Kieran was a selfless man who gave of his time generously to everyone.
    • One of the most brave and unique documentary projects, it leaves you in awe of its selfless creator and his generous family.
    • Anyone with a noble thought or a selfless instinct winds up dead or surrendering to despair.
    • It's a measure of the selfless charity of the donor that she did not want her name mentioned.
    • We lived together for two years at university, and I soon came to know her as one of the kindest and most selfless people I have ever known.
    • He is always hilarious, selfless and one of England's finest sons.
    • He is a selfless individual always keen to help others, particularly his own family and his neighbours.
    • Their history is replete with heroic deeds of selfless devotion and supreme sacrifice over the years.
    • It was suggested last week that the Queen epitomised the spirit of selfless public service.
    • He made a brave, selfless decision to choose life and to fight for every single day that he shared with us.