Traducción de seller en Español:


vendedor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛlər//ˈsɛlə/


  • 1

    (person, company)
    vendedor masculino
    vendedora femenino
    • One of the nostalgic memories all visitors to Turkey bring home are the cries, along with the call to prayers, of the ubiquitous street sellers.
    • There are also many street musicians, artists and flower sellers.
    • She was an orange girl, a flower seller and small girl selling water cress and many more.
    • Their children will have to drop out of school and get in fight on the streets, or become street musicians or street newspaper sellers.
    • It's an occasion for patriotism, with street sellers offering flags to passers-by.
    • Police have declared war on rogue street sellers causing a nuisance to shoppers and traders in Chelmsford.
    • Trading standards chiefs found street sellers peddling the furry pandas, rabbits, cats and dogs in Rochdale and Oldham.
    • These retailers, rather than newsagents, are now the biggest sellers of newspapers.
    • Soak up the atmosphere as you mingle with fruit and spice sellers, basket sellers and ironmongers.
    • The street sellers are all eager, animated young men who use guile and smiles to get shoppers to pay up.
    • Clark, who was a newspaper seller on the streets and was known as Nobby, was attacked at night and robbed of his watch and the contents of his money belt.
    • However, there are areas in Jakarta where sellers lineup on the streets with small puppies in cages for sale.
    • I can't eat my soup and sandwich at Atlas without something to read, and so I stop off to buy the Nottingham Evening Post from a street seller.
    • He remembers Evening Advertiser street sellers standing outside the main works entrance and at several other places in Swindon.
    • This also includes not intruding on the preferred sites of street traders and Big Issue sellers.
    • The street sellers are expected to abide by the city's regulations to keep the streets clean and organized.
    • Many African musicians find that they do better financially by marketing their own cassettes through street sellers.
    • A market stall-holder, a seller of vegetables, tries to buy your sword for just three gold coins.
    • But by this time shopkeepers and fellow street sellers had gathered around, so the group left.
    • I searched in vain for the street seller I bought a necklace from and promptly lost in the Blue Lagoon near Keflavik.
  • 2

    to be a good/poor seller venderse bien/mal