Traducción de semantics en Español:


semántica, n.

Pronunciación /sɪˈmantɪks//səˈmæn(t)ɪks/


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    semántica femenino
    let's not argue over semantics no discutamos sobre matices de significado
    • And if we all were to do that, we would realize that we don't need to fight over formalities and semantics.
    • Again, this kind of statement is born out of faulty semantics.
    • These well-meaning campaigners are chronically tone-deaf to pop cultural semantics and subtleties.
    • We all try for the same goal, in the end, though we call it by different names and kill each other over the semantics.
    • It's not a matter of semantics this time, as were my arguments with people over what to call the sniper.
    • Lost in semantics and tears, he heads to his mother's house, where he hopes he at least will be in time for dinner.
    • The point is that the semantics we use are not tick box mechanisms.
    • This causes problems when a client is coded to use one service, but tries to use another service with different semantics.
    • To me, the sound of a poem is at least as important as the semantics; so is the visual.
    • In this paper we present a precise semantics for the two series of counting numerals of Latin: the cardinals and the collectives.
    • How about this - once Tariana starts addressing the real problems within her portfolios, we can discuss the semantics.