Traducción de semiautomatic en Español:


semiautomático, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛmiˌɔdəˈmædɪk//ˌsɛmˌaɪˌɔdəˈmædɪk//ˌsɛmɪɔːtəˈmatɪk/


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    (gearbox/weapon) semiautomático
    • The convertible is available with a manual or semi-automatic cloth-lined top that opens and closes in 13 seconds.
    • A rifle and a semi-automatic handgun were also found in the drugs operation, following weeks of surveillance by officers from the Clare and Limerick drug squads.
    • ‘He had a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle and he appeared to open fire at random on employees,’ he said.
    • All that is transmitted through a semi-automatic five-speed gearbox, which is a delight to use.
    • Over the past three years, there has been growing interest in measuring human travel patterns using Global Positioning System or other similar semi-automatic devices.
    • It is an easy car to drive, with a semi-automatic gearbox that is effortless to use.
    • And adverb placement (especially for connective adverbs) is relatively easy to study by automatic or semi-automatic means.
    • The only things you can fire off there are sparklers, fountains, birthday candles and semi-automatic firearms.
    • Among the arms recovered were handguns, semi-automatic firearms, explosives, pipe bombs, bomb components and several bombs.
    • Softeners are automatic, semi-automatic, or manual.
    • But she was only using a semi-automatic handgun, not a machine gun.
    • The weapon has an automatic hydraulic laying system and the loading system is semi-automatic.
    • We have investigated three major methodologies used in the automatic and semi-automatic classification of text.
    • The machine has three modes of operation: automatic, semi-automatic and interactive.
    • Once hailed as the ultimate home-defense firearm, pistol-caliber semi-automatic carbines never caught on as well with the police or the general public as it did with gun writers.
    • The gearbox is an electrohydraulically-operated semi-automatic, and the hydraulics need to be pumped up by the engine.
    • Where fully automatic techniques are inapplicable, semi-automatic equipment can combine the advantages of manual and automatic welding.
    • Pandemonium erupted yesterday when eight armed robbers wielding semi-automatic rifles and handguns opened fire in the packed Walmer Park Shopping Centre, causing shoppers to run screaming in terror.
    • The shipment contained 220 assault rifles and 60 semi-automatic shotguns.
    • Dusty and half-hidden they may have been, but there was no denying what was buried on his land - a cache of machine-guns and semi-automatic rifles.
    • But turn the key, click the semi-automatic gearshift into drive and as the revs rise, comfort drops down the scale.
    • We carried semi-automatic rifles and shotguns with hollow point shells designed to pierce a boarder's hull right below the water line.
    • But, in Idaho, let's remember this is a semi-automatic firearm.
    • The automatic gearbox performed well in both semi-automatic and automatic modes.
    • Flashbangs, frag grenades, silenced semi-automatic guns and sniper rifles are just a few of the arms you can load each member of your team with.
    • Other options will include Climatic, a semi-automatic air conditioning system which uses less fuel than a conventional system and integrated rear child seats.
    • Production facilities include a variety of automatic and semi-automatic sheet metal presses, forming equipment and robot welding cells.
    • The semi-automatic transmission is smooth and takes less getting used to than you would think.
    • They fired several rounds from handguns and semi-automatic rifles at the vehicle, which finally came to a halt about 500 metres from the depot with all four wheels punctured.
    • An amnesty to get guns off the streets of Bradford has seen rifles, revolvers and semi-automatic pistols handed over.
    • The introduction of the semi-automatic gearbox with no clutch pedal by both Renault and Saab failed to impress the market.
    • The Smart is very easy to drive and the semi-automatic sequential gearbox is fine - once you get used to it.
    • Because it's more difficult for potential offenders to get their hands on a semi-automatic rifle or shotgun, they're using handguns or knives or syringes instead.
    • The weapons included a revolver, a semi-automatic pistol and a sub-machine gun.
    • Investigators said they suspected shotguns and semi-automatic pistols were used in the attack.
    • Police said he walked into an economics class at Monash University and fired a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol, killing two male students in their 20s, both of Asian background, and wounding five others.
    • But as the war progressed the bolt action rifle was increasingly supplemented, or replaced, by carbines and by a variety of other automatic and semi-automatic firearms.
    • It is a stand-alone, base-mounted semi-automatic unit.
    • The toll facility consists of four channels with manual toll collection and two channels with semi-automatic toll collection.
    • McDermott was seated in a chair in the building lobby armed with an assault-style semi-automatic rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and a semi-automatic handgun, having finished his rampage by that time.


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    (with masculine article in the singular) arma femenino