Traducción de semidarkness en Español:


penumbra, n.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛmiˈdɑrknəs//ˌsɛmaɪˈdɑrknəs//sɛmɪˈdɑːknəs/


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    penumbra femenino
    the room was in semidarkness la habitación estaba en penumbra
    • The shades had been pulled and the room was in semi-darkness.
    • Eventually, boredom conquered and I rose into the darkness, or semi-darkness.
    • I was waiting in the twilight semi-darkness, yawning, eyes half closed, and basically looking like a zombie.
    • After a year of semi-darkness, he signed us up to a privately-run powerhouse.
    • What I also discovered was that using the projector meant working in semi-darkness, and there are times when you can't see what you are doing very clearly.
    • Robert blinked in the sudden semi-darkness, the only illumination being the moonlight which shone through cracks in the curtains.
    • The screaming, the heroism and reasonable panic, the fumbling in semi-darkness for mobile phones - it was our safe distance from it all that was so horrifying.
    • The semi-darkness around the pool was in harmony with the various rare instruments played and put the audience in the position of intimate onlookers of sacred rituals.
    • I tuned the shortwave radio to a Mozart concert and sat there in semi-darkness, smoking up an indoor fog of my own and feeling about as low as I've ever felt, before or since.
    • But all I could see were the dim lights that left the interior in semi-darkness.
    • The only way to make them economically viable is to intensively rear British farmers in huge barns where thousands of them can be kept in semi-darkness and fed mashed up, infected sheep pellets.
    • Young pigs are kept in semi-darkness to minimise fighting and aggression caused through frustration due to their appalling conditions.
    • Monday night's show is both dizzyingly ferocious and heartbreakingly beautiful, all choreographed in semi-darkness for maximum psychological impact.
    • I plodded up the 92 steps in semi-darkness because the few tiny windows have been sealed off at the request of neighbours.
    • I found these two gentlemen with their icons in semi-darkness at the west end of the Minster, largely ignored.
    • I do believe that it ought to be listened to in semi-darkness.
    • You have just 20 minutes in semi-darkness to memorise or scribble down the objects on view.
    • A strong smell of disinfectant was hanging in the air, and fruit machines were winking sinisterly in semi-darkness.
    • The fact that he films everything in semi-darkness adds to the murkiness of the plot.
    • During the concert parts of the disc the picture is relatively sharp and clear, with good shadow detail, which is a good thing since they seem to like playing in semi-darkness.