Traducción de semiofficial en Español:


semioficial, adj.

Pronunciación /sɛmɪəˈfɪʃ(ə)l//ˌsɛmiəˈfɪʃəl/


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    • There are tens of millions of CCP members; there are numerous factions with the party; there are numerous front organizations in the form of civic, official and semi-official bodies.
    • Maybe this deceit will become the main semi-official excuse for disregarding the allied victory.
    • This source material is corroborated by official and semi-official records, and can be easily verified and cross-checked.
    • One of its acquisitions of the 1960s was the London Daily Herald, the semi-official, worthy but flagging Labour organ, until then jointly owned by the Trades Union Congress and the Odhams publishing group.
    • A number of groups rounded up for the occasion - in particular groups of prisoners and handicapped people - joined various semi-official organisations including youth groups, school brass bands and church groups.
    • Even European history of the period was an official or semi-official biography of the state.
    • The semi-official status would mean that public authorities in Gaelic-speaking areas, such as the Western Isles, would be expected to be able to provide all their services in Gaelic.
    • It has, indeed, been pointed out that huge quantities of documents must once have existed, since few transactions of an official or semi-official nature took place that were not confirmed in writing.
    • A semi-official holiday similar to Valentine's Day is celebrated by lovers and friends on March l, when a white or red silk flower (often hand-made) is presented as an expression of love.
    • Despite the men's statements, officials from the Mainland Affairs Council and the semi-official Straits Exchange Foundation insists that all seven businessmen accused of spying are innocent.
    • He now sits on the powerful Defense Policy Board, a hawkish semi-official ideological body that advises the Pentagon.
    • This official entrepreneurial activity was supplemented by semi-official contacts with influential circles in the German economy.
    • At the start of each day, a semi-official guide is issued outlining the expected order of business.
    • In Australia, we know that there is activity at official or semi-official level in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria at least.
    • The information base on the war's conduct, however, has changed substantially with the recent appearance of the first detailed official and semi-official independent histories of the war.
    • ‘Behind the scenes there are still a number of points that deserve attention,’ the unidentified official said, according to the semi-official Central News Agency.
    • Companies such as American Amicable Life Insurance have weaseled their way to our basic-training bases where they pose as semi-official military agents.
    • The intelligence first filtered out through Interfax, Russia's semi-official news agency.
    • The last semi-official figure was $198-million back in 1997.
    • Directly after the 9 October election I interpreted the result as being an indication that the era of semi-official nihilism in Australia may have begun drawing to a close.