Traducción de Semtex en Español:


Semtex, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛmˌtɛks//ˈsɛmtɛks/


  • 1

    Semtex masculino
    • Three minutes later, the screener noticed that the explosive trace detection machine indicated a positive alert for Semtex, a plastic explosive, from the laptop.
    • Imagine that a private company had developed an explosive ten times more powerful than Semtex.
    • The grenade launcher, for instance, transformed the striking power of small fighting groups; plastic explosives like Semtex were a similar boon.
    • Three minutes later, a machine that detects trace explosives showed a positive reading for Semtex, a volatile plastic explosive.
    • Ms Murphy is still haunted by the memory of how Hindawi tried to send her to her death by packing her hand luggage with Semtex plastic explosives.