Traducción de sendup en Español:


parodia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛndˌəp//ˈsɛndʌp/



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    parodia femenino
    he does a really good sendup of the boss imita muy bien al jefe
    • The set of frying pans are a hilarious send-up of the whole idea.
    • It's a kind of Carry On Shakespeare, a loving send-up without mockery.
    • In many ways it's a send-up, but it's a good-hearted one.
    • They're two brothers who create animated, musical send-ups of everything from corporate America to the government.
    • The Spectator has a good send-up of anti-Americanism.
    • It was meant as sort of a send-up, a historical send-up.
    • But it failed to key me up, just as the subject matter, perhaps deliberately, left me never quite sure whether this was an earnest morality tale or a spoof and a send-up.
    • It's a non-stop rollercoaster ride of feel-good action, packed with gags, movie send-ups and poignant interludes, making this a thrilling rival to any live-action blockbuster.
    • These scenes play as either unintentionally hilarious lapses of directorial judgment or sharp send-ups of phony spiritual experiences.
    • Through skits, TV show send-ups, songs, kids' rhymes and humorous choreographed sequences, the play illustrates many of the ways mothers and daughters drive each other nuts, before concluding on a note of filial appreciation.
    • It was a brilliant send-up, but it was a caricature of our real meetings.
    • It is a send-up - nationalism as a postmodern jape.
    • This is in no way a send-up of ignorance and incompetence, but rather a critique of a world that can't seem to recognize it.
    • Instead of a send-up of a target ripe for spoofing, they are making serious points about a play that Wilde subtitled ‘a trivial comedy for serious people’.
    • But for all the send-ups, the strong mother figure remains a key figure in ensuring Jewish continuity.
    • Clearly this is a send-up of the index-maker's art.
    • So the boys decided it was high time someone did a humorous send-up of these books, in the form of a warm, satirical and very funny guide to a country that simply doesn't exist.
    • If you can sit back, enjoy the scenery, the touching humour, the deft performances and the clever send-ups of American monoculture, this is one brilliant, meandering ride.
    • I'm just afraid it won't be fun to watch a send-up of shows I haven't seen.
    • The group's send-ups of Latin American soap operas on stilts and unicycles have also drawn attention.