Traducción de senior en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsiːnɪə//ˈsiːnjə//ˈsinjər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(superior in rank)

      those in senior positions quienes ocupan puestos de responsabilidad
      • I need to ask advice from a senior colleague tengo que consultar a un superior
      • I'd like to speak to someone more senior quisiera hablar con un superior suyo
      • a senior officer in the Army un oficial de alto rango del Ejército
      • senior editor redactora sénior
      • the Senior Service la armada británica
      • senior tutor profesor tutor a cargo de los planes de enseñanaza
      • senior to sb
      • she's senior to him está por encima de él

    • 1.2(older)

      Robert King, Senior Robert King, padre / sénior
      • the senior members of a club los socios más antiguos de un club

  • 2

    • 2.1

      senior school colegio secundario masculino
      • the senior boys los chicos mayores / de los últimos cursos

    • 2.2Deporte

      (invariable adjective) sénior


  • 1

    • 1.1(older person)

      persona de la tercera edad femenino
      adulto mayor masculino América Latina
      he's five years my senior es cinco años mayor que yo
      • That's why the White House wants to use tax subsidies and other incentives to encourage seniors to buy long-term-care insurance to pay for their own old age.
      • Democrats and Republicans agree that our seniors deserve a secure retirement and a prescription drug coverage in Medicare.
      • The other day I spoke with Art Ridley, a retired firefighter, who drives seniors to social events put on by the Seniors' Hub.
      • How are we going to make that commitment to seniors who are retiring?
      • Senior rentals are townhomes for seniors to rent.
      • In fact, many of the states with large shares of seniors tend to have more seniors in the ‘needy elderly’ age group of 75 and above.
      • Rudy Lawrence, president of the Council of Senior Citizens, wants seniors to register for PharmaCare.
      • If less money goes into SS, more will have to come from somewhere to honor the commitments already made to current and soon to be retired seniors.
      • But those numbers assume no dramatic change in the increasing ability of seniors to retire later and otherwise continue to earn income that is taxable.
      • That will never happen, especially on a street that is 70 percent rental units populated with seniors and retirees where a very expensive contractor comes to clear the driveways.
      • It actually lowers benefits for millions of poor seniors and other seniors who have drug benefits under retiree plans.
      • For some seniors and groups representing seniors, Canada remains the place to purchase lower priced prescription drugs.
      • He says his problem is that many seniors have retired.
      • These mostly retired seniors are likely to use this additional residence seasonally, when it's too cold or too hot at their primary home.
      • This is going to allow seniors, especially low-income seniors, to get benefits that they never could hope to have and never could expect to pay for.
      • In 1926 it was the National Progressives that agreed to support the Liberals provided that they enacted legislation granting old age security pensions for seniors.
      • She wants to reclaim the word old and rejects euphemisms like elderly and seniors.
      • The United States government has done a superb job of handling retirement funds for seniors.
      • The cutbacks cover the costs of new monthly $65 pensions and food vouchers for seniors, single mothers, and disabled people.
      • To finance the plan, high-income seniors paid steeper premiums than the low-income elderly.

    • 1.2(person of higher rank)

      superior masculino
      you'll have to speak to my senior va a tener que hablar con mi superior
      • A rotation policy would give players - especially the seniors - time to rest.
      • A coach cannot place a call to a player until a year after that, while official campus visits aren't allowed until players are seniors.
      • That imbalance can threaten a team, especially if the seniors are good players.
      • Being part of this team and playing with these players, especially the seniors, has been something special for me?
      • Commitment of the players, particularly the seniors, for the national cause was a corollary.

  • 2

    Escuela Universidad
    estudiante del último año femenino
    estudiante del último curso femenino
    • A simple head count of freshmen and seniors in homerooms on any given day would have confirmed suspicions.
    • They didn't have enough money to pay so many teachers so they decided to combine seniors and juniors into the same gym classes.
    • Teams are composed of four students, two seniors and two juniors, and they have to answer 10 rounds of individual questions.
    • This also means that the juniors are now seniors, the freshmen are now sophomores, you get the idea.
    • A month later, Elle and I were on our way to Germany along with other freshmen and juniors and seniors.
    • The other boys there are all seniors wearing their black graduation robes.
    • I was in my senior year in secondary high school, my sister was a senior in junior high school and the twins were in elementary school.
    • Our results indicated that within this college population, the freshmen and sophomore students had higher reactions to stress than juniors and seniors.
    • Graduating seniors who had just completed student teaching were asked to rate their preparation in the area of pedagogical skills.
    • By 1992, graduating high-school seniors in 15 states were required to pass a basic-skills test.
    • It surveys samples of students representing all high-school seniors - and two younger cohorts as well.
    • Seventy eight percent of the undergraduate respondents were seniors or juniors.
    • Mortar Board is a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership and service.
    • Many of the juniors and seniors in the class were snoozing lightly, as always, and others were staring at the teacher as if he was a madman.
    • In the high schools, peer mentors are juniors and seniors who teach freshmen the Take Ten skills, among other duties.
    • It's currently open to minority students with high academic standing who are juniors, seniors or graduate students.
    • Eight Maryland seniors taught fellow students and teachers about psychology and adolescent health.
    • The program matches juniors and seniors with faculty for hands-on experience.
    • Dillon closed his journal once his last sentence was finished and filed out of the classroom with the rest of his fellow classmates, also seniors.
    • Anyways, the juniors and seniors at our high school have mixed grade, co-ed gym classes.