Traducción de senior high school en Español:

senior high school

(senior high)


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    (in US)
    colegio donde se imparten los tres últimos cursos de la enseñanza secundaria
    • I sometimes blame myself for this because I have chosen to reside in a community that does not have good public junior and senior high schools.
    • French education is carried out in 21 schools in Shanghai: 16 senior high schools, four junior schools and an elementary school.
    • She vividly portrays her initial acquisition of Japanese during her first trip from 1985 to 1987 when she taught English in Japanese public junior and senior high schools.
    • It currently has four Japanese instructors in the town, who work mainly at two senior high schools and three junior high schools, teaching Japanese to some 700 students.
    • Media reports in the eighties and nineties portrayed Japanese education as idyllic, overlooking the fact that the junior and senior high school curriculum is totally based on preparation for entrance examinations.
    • Although it is on the reservation, it is a public junior and senior high school serving students from the surrounding communities.
    • Sixty teachers are employed at the Al Azhar kindergarten, elementary, junior high school and senior high school.
    • It was business as usual in elementary, junior high and senior high schools as it also was in the city's shopping and commercial centers, such as the Mangga Dua and Glodok areas of West Jakarta and Blok M in South Jakarta.
    • We'd gone through elementary, junior, senior high school and college together and even considered going into business together.
    • The mass meeting, mostly of LP strikers but with delegations from several junior and senior high schools and primary schools, made a call to continue the strike.
    • Since this is the school's first official season as a senior high school - after switching from junior secondary status two years ago - it's the first provincial banner the Ravens can hang from the rafters.
    • The board of education of the Tokyo metropolitan government has decided to reprimand about 180 teachers at metropolitan senior high schools and schools for disabled children.
    • In total, 67 junior and senior high schools from the public and separate systems agreed to participate in the survey.
    • Maybe as foreign spouses we should be allowed to sit these exams that would enable us to teach in elementary, junior and senior high schools.
    • In 1968, the school became a senior high school, limited to grades 10-12.
    • Montgomery's first junior and senior high schools for African-American students began in Loveless School.
    • Competitors will be divided into three levels, junior high school, senior high school and high school equivalent or diploma level.
    • Some even assured me they would never use young adult literature since they were going to become teachers of honor classes in various senior high schools, and therefore had little use for these materials.
    • The exchange will cover students aged 15 to 19 from universities and junior and senior high schools.
    • However, junior and senior high schools in Norway do not share the same buildings or the same schoolyards.