Traducción de senseless en Español:


sin sentido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛnsləs//ˈsɛnsləs/


  • 1

    (murder/destruction/act) sin sentido
    it would be senseless for us to buy it no tendría sentido que lo compráramos
    • He rebels by breaking free of the role by doing senseless, insane things despite his obvious talent.
    • The EU Chemicals Directive is probably one of the most senseless wastes of time and effort ever.
    • Short said he and his family were struggling to come to terms with the violent, senseless nature of their son's death, coupled with signs of his swift descent into drug addiction.
    • However, we have still seen a senseless waste of life in the past year with five people killed on the roads.
    • There was a time when the man could crack a joke, though there was never anything he found funnier than man's futile quest for meaning in a hopeless, senseless world.
    • The chatter of Farash and the others seemed as senseless as the idiotic quacking of ducks, and yet at the same moment, they all seemed to be an integral part of the great design of things.
    • She continued to scream senseless sentences, with that same meaning behind them.
    • But I live in a country ridden with religious overtures in every facet of life, of silly, stupid superstitions, traditions and beliefs that are senseless and illogical.
    • After three nights with no sleep and the fear of losing everything, your senseless, stupid act was the last straw.
    • Now the violence just seems senseless - a tit-for-tat exchange that nobody can justify.
    • While such commitment may be deserving of respect, it does not make that death any more than a senseless waste.
    • I deeply resent the obvious and senseless waste of resources in having five public employees at court for a whole day, particularly as my council tax payments are funding this extravagance.
    • Many other females made him irritable because of their continuous idle chatter and senseless conversation.
    • Happiness is not senseless, mindless, silly, stupid, corny, cheesy or unimportant.
    • During 2003, we must pass meaningful legislation in Congress to stop senseless lawsuits.
    • The senseless waste of human life is graphically depicted as soldiers on both sides, fearful and mistrustful of themselves as much as each other, slaughter one another in the killing fields of Bangladesh.
    • Do diplomat's kids get together at the University to go and commit violent, senseless crimes?
    • It was a senseless waste of human life and a total failure.
    • It is popularly held that Stewart retired in disgust at the senseless waste of it all but it's something he now denies.
    • His common complaint was the conversation was senseless.
    • Those fine words a product of the confluence of cultures, building upon so much carnage, so much misunderstanding, so much senseless waste.
    • With all the senseless violence human beings inflict on each other, we can all use a little more beauty in our lives.
    • This was such a senseless act of violence perpetrated upon a great talent and a great man.
    • Besides endangering a unique national resource, the bison slaughter program is a senseless waste of taxpayers' money.
    • ‘It is not enough to talk of senseless hatred, senseless violence or senseless evil, no matter how hard it may be for us to understand,’ he said.
    • Into those woods the hero stumbled, stupid if not senseless.
    • Catholic and Protestant, mainly young people, held the vigil to show their revulsion at a senseless waste of a life.
    • He had always been fascinated by the senseless complexity of its floor plan, the illogical sequence of nearly identical spaces.
    • I mean, sure, it's good to have some mystery, but waiting around forever wondering if you should make your move is just a senseless waste of time!
    • He'd gone along on their senseless, asinine prowl, ignoring them the whole way, hating what he was surrounded by and hating himself for reasons he could no longer understand.
    • Thus, the occasional dutiful songs in which a rapper urges men to take responsibility for their kids or laments senseless violence are mere garnish.
    • It defends and justifies actions that are politically stupid and senseless, and which lure politically naive young people into a trap, in which they can easily be criminalised.
    • To lose her in such violent, senseless circumstances thousands of miles from home can only heighten their anguish.
    • After seeing someone close to him die as the victim of senseless, eminently preventable violent crime, he vows to protect the innocent, keeping the same fate from befalling others.
    • It was only foolish and harmful to consider such senseless things.
  • 2

    sin sentido
    they beat him senseless lo golpearon hasta dejarlo inconsciente / sin sentido
    • In a little we had the senseless man stretched on a sofa in the library.
    • My brain was having trouble communicating with my body apparently, because instead of moving away and knocking this random guy senseless, it was responding to his attentions, sinking further into his embrace.
    • The first guard had just begun to get up, when his large gun picked itself up, swinging through the air to collide with the back of a third guard's misshapen head, knocking him senseless.
    • Strangely enough, the man recovered quickly, and punched Sean, knocking him senseless, and then tore down the alley.
    • I was momentarily concerned that one of the brawlers in the Boar might have knocked him senseless, but on questioning the barman I was informed that his only enemy that night had been the wine.
    • Although expected, the stench of mothballs nearly knocked us all senseless as we entered the small, stuffy hall which only grew smaller as we all piled in with our bags.
    • I tried to escape later by crawling away, and was kicked until I was senseless.
    • And, by the way, if the Moroccan restaurant doesn't knock you senseless you need surgery.
    • The weapon flew through the air, its hilt colliding with Sicirin's forehead, knocking him senseless as the sword clattered to the floor beside him.
    • When the other thief noticed her sword flashing toward his friend, he hit her hard across the back of her head once more, nearly knocking her senseless with the force of the blow.
    • Eva, Lucas, and Aelex exchanged glances then trotted over to the gate, but not before Aelex knocked Mariposa senseless with a snow ball.
    • When he refused, she grabbed the phone but was knocked senseless by her angry husband.
    • Then, when Collins knocked Sharpe senseless, Flatley kicked the penalty and Australia led 10-0 with 23 minutes gone.
    • And besides, short of knocking him senseless with a piece of plank, Michael doubted he could convince the other man to leave his side.
    • Indeed, I felt I was well on my way to becoming my company's lightweight champion, when I was knocked senseless by a lucky punch in the second round of my first fight.
    • Your blows, and those of the army, will knock them senseless, destabilise them, and send them to their death.
    • Wilfred had screamed Cora's name, and she'd flown down the stairs to find Wilfred holding a senseless Jane in his arms.
    • The result is a less lethal explosion that will knock people senseless, injure and scare the hell out of them, but not necessarily kill them.
    • Sean pistol-whipped the man, knocking him senseless.
    • But then again, neither is seeing players earn multimillion-dollar contracts for knocking people senseless on 16 weekends of the year.