Traducción de sensibility en Español:


sensibilidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛnsəˈbɪlədi//ˌsɛnsɪˈbɪlɪti/


  • 1

    (artistic feeling)
    sensibilidad femenino
    • A remarkable combination of artistic sensibility, tact and emotional precision is at work here.
    • At the heart of the discourse lay the attempt to define the western sensibility of this emotion as against the oriental.
    • Only then can one understand and respond to her rural and romantic sensibility.
    • The Spanish conquest brought with it a completely different architectural sensibility.
    • This game appealed to every aspect of my intellect and aesthetic sensibility.
    • Those of us who knew this other Clyde, this man of strong emotional sensibility, are grateful for the experience.
    • Chinese artists show unique sensibility and emotion in their observation.
    • The two men share a certain poetic sensibility, a love of metaphor.
    • Looking out at their faces, I saw sensibility, intelligence and curiosity.
    • At the very apex of æsthetic sensibility is the actual artist of which the prime exponent must be the poet.
    • It used to be assumed anyone of sensibility or intelligence had to be on the Left.
    • This is a school which has been hated by any pupil of any intelligence or sensibility for as long as it has existed.
    • Their films will be appreciated by children but display the kind of humour and sensibility that will endear them equally to adult viewers.
    • As it was, there was absolutely no aesthetic sensibility at work whatsoever.
    • Such dumbing-down of aesthetic sensibility is a triumph for the corporate sledgehammer that has so bedazzled him.
    • Such immersion in the language and ways of the Andalusian countryside profoundly influenced his sensibility.
    • An aesthetic sensibility encourages a child to look for harmony, colour and gentleness all around.
    • Yet he doesn't betray the rigorous sensibility and intelligence that is his hallmark.
    • Mature gentlemen should cultivate some sensibility and awareness of the aesthetics of these things.
    • The inability to hold down a job is no longer seen as a moral failing, but as a sign of heightened sensibility.
  • 2sensibilities plural

    (finer feelings)
    sensibilidad femenino
    to offend sb's sensibilities herir la sensibilidad / la susceptibilidad de algn
    • No one, as far as I am aware, threatened to sue her for wounding their delicate sensibilities.
    • He is, he stresses, a sensitive chap, aware of the sensibilities of others.
    • I do not want to offend Thai sensibilities and so I would welcome your advice.
    • It's not pretty but somebody has to do it and you can't afford to have delicate sensibilities.
    • I cannot expose all the putrid facts as it would offend the sensibilities of some of you.
    • That is, of course, when it doesn't offend people's delicate sensibilities.
    • It cannot be said that it offended the sensibilities of consumers generally or was discriminatory.
    • You would not want to shock the fragile sensibilities of the unmarried ladies in the room.
    • Of course rap is immune to criticism, since it's supposed to offend our sensibilities, not flatter them.
    • The answer is no, even though such an answer may shock the sensibilities of most people.
    • My liberal sensibilities aren't happy, but the thoughts that come to my head aren't overly liberal, it has to be said.
    • Intolerance has all of these different forms in the sensibilities of a modern man or woman.
    • It has outraged the sensibilities of a wide cross-section of people around the world.
    • Is the frontier a little too foreign and rough to your delicate Eastern sensibilities?
    • Could it be, dear editor, that I am challenging your sensibilities by writing this letter?
    • They infuriated our mothers' sensibilities and wallets with inane lifestyles and myriad accessories.
    • I felt justified making the remark since she had just insulted my delicate sensibilities.
    • It is crammed full of items in a way that will probably offend the sensibilities of minimalists.
    • Strokes of paint, pencils and pieces of crisp, yummy paper also had the same effect on my sensibilities.
    • Pity the subject matter offends the sensibilities of anyone with an iota of respect for romance.