Traducción de sensible en Español:


sensato, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛnsəb(ə)l//ˈsɛnsɪb(ə)l/


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    • 1.1

      (person/approach/attitude) sensato
      (decision) prudente
      (choice) acertado
      (price) razonable
      she's a sensible girl es una chica sensata / de criterio
      • be sensible, you can't do it all on your own sé razonable, no lo puedes hacer todo tú solo
      • I think that's the most sensible thing to do me parece que es lo más sensato / razonable
      • quality goods at sensible prices artículos de calidad a precios razonables
      • And they wonder why any sensible person won't join the party!
      • Emma is a sensible person who likes to read the end of a story to decide if she should bother reading the entire book - if she doesn't like the ending, she figures, why read it at all?
      • Next she will be saying she is sensible and sane.
      • And the chefs, brawling in an empty kitchen, will be ignored by sensible people who will eat and enjoy the sandwich, blasphemous ingredients and all.
      • They give no quarter to religion, received opinion, stumbling politicians, TV networks or sensible diets.
      • Did they put a face on their activism, so people could see that the person behind the keyboard was a normal, likable, and downright sensible person?
      • A sensible diet will maximise the effects of your training.
      • Mr Justice Smyth said he felt the plaintiff was adopting a prudent and sensible approach to the matter and he would approve the settlement.
      • The 30 mph limit all the way from Waterhead through the village was surely sensible, and more likely to be obeyed.
      • They manage to make this sound quite sensible and to the benefit of both patients and the NHS.
      • A healthy diet coupled with sensible exercise is the only way to regain one's figure and fitness levels after child birth.
      • But more sensible people say, ‘Why are you so sold on the notion that this World is all there is?’
      • I don't know Michael, Claudia, or Fred from the Fraser Institute although I'm sure that they're very sensible people.
      • This is a sensible development which will benefit broadcasters and producers alike.
      • Because you are a fair minded person you'll make a point of uncovering these shortcomings in their arguments and sharing what you find with other sensible people.
      • What sane, sensible person would throw more than a billion dollars at the overseas sharemarket at a time of major volatility?
      • But I do know sensible people who are far, far more optimistic.
      • I see a balance between a very few sensible people and a crowd of craven cretins.
      • And this is likely to encourage sensible treatment decisions, and also lifestyle decisions, so that people can make the best of what might be limited time.
      • Now why any sensible person, who is supposedly committed to their partner, would begin to think that this could be good for their relationship is totally beyond me!
      • Or is it simply sensible and prudent to be thinking about these things now, rather than my more normal method of moving and then sorting out all this sort of thing?
      • A number of normally sensible people in Europe have supported this proposition.
      • Considering the array of expertise before the committee, one would think a rational, sensible person would want to give it some thought.
      • In the meantime, women should be getting the clear message about the many health benefits of adopting a sensible diet and engaging in regular exercise.
      • But even if this is true, it's still sensible and prudent not to base our plans on the rosiest of possible outcomes.
      • But given the pernicious infighting in the sport, it may be some time before punters can fully benefit from a sensible review of outdated laws.
      • A combination of sensible diet and moderate physical activity can effectively pull the plug on an expanding waistline.
      • Vice is like suffering: each individual instance of it is regrettable, but what sensible person would wish to eliminate it altogether?
      • Meanwhile the big publishers and the big retailers probably won't disappear, any more than the local supermarket will close if a few sensible people go to the farmers' market.
      • These were sensible people who knew their clientele.
      • Good, normally sensible drivers start thinking about taking chances.
      • This seems to me to be sensible guidance and likely to result in families being housed together until the children are reasonably mature.
      • Drivers are more likely to respect a sensible approach to road safety such as locally controlled temporary limits, as used successfully by a number of other councils around the country.
      • Her diet was sensible and work load was not causing her undue stress.
      • In such a situation, what do sensible people do?
      • You might try some exercise and a sensible diet first.
      • Marrying the two in a mutually beneficial collaboration seems a sensible solution and unlike most marriages, it needn't be expensive.
      • ‘It might be sensible to spend some money wisely in certain areas,’ he said.
      • If spending on this scale is sensible, its wisdom ought to be demonstrable.
      • That said, I recognise that there are perfectly sensible people who prefer Beethoven to the Beatles, and who choose to discuss things at a more rarefied level than I care to myself.

    • 1.2

      (shoes/clothes) cómodo y práctico
      • I felt like a 29 year old kid in a rather sensible sweet shop, buying all the things I've wanted for weeks but done without.
      • What I do care about is the practicality of running around in a sandpit with sensible shoes on for 10 minutes.
      • That marked the transition to sensible, practical footwear but she still had to have her swan song.
      • Since this has happened I have become embarrassed about what I thought to be a practical, sensible coin.
      • A car for everyone, a sensible, safe, practical tool in which people and luggage can be transported reliably, efficiently and as cheaply as technically possible.
      • Now that I'm officially old I'll have to settle down, buy a pair of sensible shoes and get something magnificently practical like a winch.
      • But a classic is a classic, and it remains a thoroughly sensible, practical and useful book.
      • The card is only a fraction of the size compared what were used to seeing with 3D cards, but nevertheless, this type of design is sensible as well as practical.
      • Part shrine, part purveyor of durable, practical and sensible outdoor gear, MEC has what you need - and they'll tell you exactly what that is and why.

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    • 2.1to be sensible offormal (aware, appreciative)

      ser consciente de
      estar consciente de México Chile
      I am sensible of the honor you have done me soy consciente del honor que me han hecho
      • For if the reason is sound, it is sensible of the body's diseases: but being itself diseased with those of the soul, it has no judgment in what it suffers.
      • A truly humble man is sensible of his natural distance from God; of his dependence on him; of the insufficiency of his own power and wisdom.

    • 2.2formal (detectable)

      • And even if it did, our mind's ability to perceive what is sensible would not necessarily be accurate.
      • It is not even sufficient for perceiving merely sensible qualities such as colours and shapes.