Traducción de sensor en Español:


sensor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛnsər//ˈsɛnsə/


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    sensor masculino
    • At the Dallas airport, the lights are controlled by sensors that measure sunlight.
    • In other words the electronic odour sensor can detect the presence of bacteria in a sample of urine or other body fluids.
    • The type of the rotor is detected in response to the output signal from the sensor.
    • Finally, the researchers have developed new, highly responsive pressure sensors.
    • I have changed the electronic control unit sensors, fuse box and relays to no avail.
    • When they opened up the sensor that had detected the fire, they found nothing more sinister than a dead fly.
    • There are even tiny sensors that can detect the presence of gunmetal and tanks.
    • They use infrared sensors to detect the stairs in your home and stay away from them.
    • This generates battery power for the lamp and there is a light sensor to detect whether it is dark enough to switch on.
    • Nathalie glanced around her, aware of the audio and visual sensors now recording her words and actions.
    • I have been assured that there is no fault with the temperature sensor or gauge.
    • Cabbies could pay a charge for an electronic sensor to make it fall when they approached.
    • Ceiling speakers pump music into every room, and special sensors can detect water leaks.
    • The sensors measure the response of different parts of your brain to the noises.
    • The ship's sensors detect incoming threats, which the command system then analyses and evaluates.
    • They then measured the arousal of the men by using a sensor which monitored penile tumescence.
    • They will also wear tiny sensors to measure their movements through the day.
    • The frame consists of arrays of infrared beams and sensors which spot the movement and track it.
    • Seabed sensors detect abnormal wave movements and relay the information to scientists.
    • Each of the five devices has a motion sensor which triggers off a loud voice when people walk past.