Traducción de sentimental en Español:


sentimental, adj.

Pronunciación /sɛntɪˈmɛnt(ə)l//ˌsɛn(t)əˈmɛn(t)l/


  • 1

    (song/movie/person) sentimental
    let's not get sentimental about it no nos pongamos sentimentales
    • Marlene did have a sentimental attachment the place they were in now, but she was like that.
    • Managers often become sentimental about products, hoping that sales will pick up when the market improves.
    • This picture is published purely for sentimental reasons.
    • The film isn't sentimental about death, the propagation of species, or other biological occurrences.
    • She has now played four tournaments and won three of them, but there is very little sentimental about her.
    • It's also for sentimental people who cry when they see something lovely.
    • Or maybe it's just because I'm often at my most sentimental at breakfast time.
    • But for sentimental and historical reasons, they are worth a fortune.
    • I am betraying little if I say that the piece concludes with two happy couples and much sentimental claptrap.
    • There is nothing crass or sentimental about these tales.
    • I still have a deep sentimental attachment to the union.
    • Call me sentimental if you wish, but this was something I had to do.
    • Although her father had passed away a number of years ago she explained that her mother had kept his car for sentimental reasons.
    • In fact, he bore neither a religious nor a sentimental attachment to Zionism.
    • Not to get overly sentimental, but it's a true hero's journey.
    • He claims sentimental reasons for the purchases.
    • I have never entertained a sentimental attachment to the poverty or hardships my ancestors endured.
    • ‘All I had was a pink rattle that I kept for sentimental reasons,’ she said.
    • Other employers keep poorly performing employees for purely sentimental reasons, like they knew their relatives.
    • Or, is it being overly sentimental about a pile of bricks and mortar?
    • Sometimes Derek needed to be a bit more sentimental.
    • Wanting it back for sentimental reasons we had a trace put on it.
    • The only barrier, as they see it, is a vague, sentimental attachment among consumers towards natural cork.
    • Probably not the best solution if you have a sentimental attachment to the dress.
    • I would try selling the pendant first to a cousin, but, despite being a family heirloom, I don't have a great sentimental attachment to it.
    • Perhaps he was just being overly sentimental, but he felt at peace here.
    • Peter was not a sentimental person - in public he wasn't - but he had an honesty in his songwriting that just touches you.
    • Venezuela was chosen as his final destination for sentimental reasons - it's his mother's birthplace and where he grew up.
    • He had no sentimental attachment to the planet or the two girls whatsoever.
    • Some are too sentimental for my taste, and some are descriptions, not stories.
    • We all exchanged awkward hugs and tried not to get too sentimental.
    • Guys can be caring, even sentimental at times - believe it or not.
    • In fact, it's about the only item of clothing that I keep for purely sentimental reasons.
    • I'm usually not very sentimental about old things that I don't use anymore.
    • Tell everyone it's best not to get too sentimental about pets.
    • Voters were told to consider among other items melody, lyrics, some historical reason, and even sentimental motives.
    • He likes France, but he goes too far in getting sentimental about it.
    • Deep down, he is one of the most sentimental people I know, but it is not in his nature to show it externally.
    • Her parents, thinking the gloves were for sentimental reasons, hadn't said a word.
    • I never seriously envisaged going back there, even if it did cross my mind for sentimental reasons.
  • 2

    (concerning emotions)
    it had sentimental value tenía (un) valor sentimental
    • a sentimental journey to the town where he was born un viaje nostálgico a su pueblo natal