Traducción de sentimentality en Español:


sentimentalismo, n.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛntɪmɛnˈtalɪti//ˌsɛn(t)əmənˈtælədi/


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    sentimentalismo masculino
    cloying sentimentality sensiblería femenino
    • But what I have just attempted very briefly to articulate is not mere sentimentality.
    • This is a show that, despite its bygone English rural setting, is without nostalgia or sentimentality.
    • I don't go for over-much sentimentality when the animals I've loved have reached the end of their journey.
    • The danger here is that emotion and sentimentality are likely to get in the way of common sense and reality.
    • He was never macho, but he also never gave in to sentimentality.
    • There is no sentimentality in his sympathy for his characters.
    • I think all my books are embarrassingly awash with sentimentality and emotion.
    • Life today is guided not by logic and reason but rather by emotion, fear and sentimentality.
    • The director lights up the screen with genuine emotions, minus sentimentality.
    • Her ability to capture sentiment without sentimentality was the mark of a true artist.
    • There are letters from home too so we can have shots of mawkish sentimentality and tears.
    • It was aimed at the middle classes of Victorian London; designed to appeal to their appetite for sentimentality.
    • There is no sentimentality about his description of those days.
    • He has great sensitivity and understanding but no sentimentality.
    • There is no sentimentality in the French view of the countryside.
    • Derided for his sentimentality and the mechanical precision of his work, his standing has gradually declined.
    • The company is a lean, slick, international operation with little room for sentimentality.
    • I wish people would stop mistaking sentimentality for serious emotion.
    • Yet none of that prevented the rest of the country from indulging in a huge celebration of royalism and rampant sentimentality.
    • It contains strong elements of sentimentality and a longing for the past.