Traducción de sentinel en Español:


centinela, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛntɪn(ə)l//ˈsɛnt(ə)nəl/



  • 1

    centinela masculino
    army officers stood sentinel over the grave oficiales del ejército montaron guardia junto a la tumba
    • Take out the launchers as quickly as possible, then wipe out the remaining soldiers and sentinels with your mutant powers.
    • There has been some speculation that Charles was assassinated, but from forensic examination of his skull it is fairly certain that an enemy sentinel caught sight of his head peering over the parapet and managed a lucky hit.
    • Flanking the elevator on both sides stood the Shadow Lord's black-garbed sentinels, his sinister Warrior disciples.
    • A sentinel stood on top of the wall, an easy target.
    • Four silent sentinels still mounted guard at each point of the coffin but the long queues of visitors had gone.
    • So say the sentinels guarding the long coastline of the country this weekend.
    • After walking down a short hall another door came into view; this one had only one sentinel.
    • The sentinel stood lounging by the shaft that led down into the underground labor system.
    • She knew not whether to fear it or love it; at this moment she only wished to find someplace where she could sit, unnoticed by the sentinel who stood near the fire at the east end of the encampment.
    • A soldier high on the roof behind his machine gun watched vigilantly over the far horizon - a silent sentinel.
    • The sentinel still stood at attention directly under the lantern, not moving but to breathe.
    • A lone sentinel stood in the middle of the roadway to the castle standing on the hill.
    • By the third week the men practiced guard duty, receiving instructions on walking their posts and performing interior and exterior guard duty, and learning the general and specific orders of a sentinel posted for guard duty.
    • A group of sentinels stood to stop the elated pilots, but were gunned down with one well-placed salvo from the Omegas.
    • The sentinels who had stood watch throughout the night before watched those roadside dwellers with weary but alert eyes, should they suddenly decided to start a riot in front of the palace.
    • Immediately, a sentinel standing guard near the jail confronted him.
    • Men who have merited this last distinction are to be suffered to pass all guards and sentinels which officers are permitted to do.