Traducción de separatist en Español:


separatista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛp(ə)rədəst//ˈsɛp(ə)rətɪst/


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    separatista masculino
    (group/movement) (before noun) separatista
    • Here some doctors worked clandestinely for the separatists and turned it into a den of separatist conspiracies.
    • They have a holy duty, they say, to brook no compromise with separatists, but instead to eliminate them by military means.
    • This has given new impetus to the most extreme elements among the separatists.
    • Hopefully it will also make it a lot harder for the separatists to use this as the launching pad for another referendum campaign.
    • Unlike the model for separatists, gender has no effect on the probability that one is an integrationist.
    • Pundits say he stole most of his votes from dissatisfied separatists who believe their party lost its leftist ideals.
    • The separatists have also got a good bargain from another angle.
    • But it is a very different matter to appoint apparent separatists to sustain a corrupt government!
    • Only talks with the separatists and the militants can achieve something.
    • Aware that they could no longer rely on support from the throne, noble and clerical separatists found their solidarity crumbling.
    • At least the separatists have maintained a clear position: they've always been opposed to the budget.
    • Therefore, I wonder how much more freedom of travel and association you would like the separatists to have?
    • The latest killing drew quick condemnation and vows to crush the armed separatists.
    • Those who refused to vote would be considered supporters of the separatists, he said.
    • Some voters came willingly, some unwillingly; a major chunk was kept away because of a boycott call by separatists.
    • At this time national separatists were liberals, democrats, and or socialists.
    • The 40,000-strong military and police operation to crush the separatists entered its eighth week on Monday.
    • Counterinsurgency operations failed to end support for the separatists.
    • I have long believed that most of the federalists are really separatists, and vice versa.
    • In an attempt to calm those who believe nationalists see a yes vote as the first step to independence, he argued that a no vote would play into the hands of the separatists.