Traducción de sequel en Español:


continuación, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsikwəl//ˈsiːkw(ə)l/


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    Televisión Cine Literatura
    continuación femenino
    sequel to sth continuación de algo
    • I know you are working on a sequel to the book.
    • Still grounded in realism, unlike its sequels, this film is arguably the best of the bunch.
    • Is it a worthy sequel to the first film?
    • This, the original, was an enormous hit in its native Hong Kong and has already spawned a prequel, with a sequel on the way.
    • Beyond that, I have other stories to post, and I'm considering writing a sequel to this story.
    • Over the years, three sequels followed, each worse than its predecessor.
    • If all its sequels and spin-offs ran continuously on a single channel, it would play for over a month.
    • Four of his hit films have had sequels, and each one of the follow-ups has been a colossal misfire.
    • It's a stronger and funnier movie and, for a change, more of a new story than a simple sequel.
    • I've actually got to figure out a place to end this so I can start the sequel to this story.
    • Was intimidation ever a factor when working on a sequel to an extremely popular film?
    • They have to put up with some shoddy sequels to groundbreaking originals.
    • As many film-makers know, the sequel to a blockbuster is never as good as the original.
    • Since this is a Hollywood movie we're talking out, the inevitable sequel was expected.
    • An attractive idea for a sequel to this book would be a discussion of such issues.
    • Mostly reviled as trash, I was one of the few that found the sequel to be a fun and goofy romp.
    • It was one of the most anticipated sequels in motion picture history.
    • Studio execs in Hollywood are apparently looking for more original blockbusters and less sequels.
    • For a low-budget horror sequel, the movie tries pretty hard.
    • Old horror monsters never die, they just wait a few years for a new sequel to come along.
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    (later events)
    secuela femenino
    consecuencia femenino
    sequel to sth secuela de algo
    • The tsunami has certainly equipped a number of people with the skills to handle post disaster emotional and psychological sequels.