Traducción de sequestered en Español:


aislado, adj.

Pronunciación /sɪˈkwɛstəd//səˈkwɛstərd/



  • 1

    (place) aislado
    (place) retirado
    (life) recluido
    • But it will not take place ‘over there’ in some sequestered place away from where we all live and where something called ‘the economy’ operates.
    • Nothing could be more English than the sequestered village near Bath where she lives and works.
    • There can be few novelists who live and work in such a sequestered spot- and perhaps this explains why the 64-year-old academic is so prolific an author.
    • The intense blue of the sky and the sweeping horizons accentuate the sequestered villages.
    • Marriage to Yoshiki Kuroda, a Tokyo urban planner, means the only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko must leave the sequestered environment of the Imperial family for a new life as a housewife.
    • I knew there was more at stake then the murder of Gorey's sister in a far away city; there had to be something, in or around the heights of Richmond, which drew their black attentions to this remote and sequestered hamlet.
    • It is probable that this remote and sequestered place was used in latter times for the celebration of Mass, when the Romish religion was not publicly tolerated.
    • She shares this sequestered spot with her cartoonist husband, Bob, and their two enormous, exuberant dogs.
    • He had spent most of his life in a sequestered village in Little Russia, where he tilled the soil and even wore the national peasant costume.
    • What was supposed to be a sequestered monastic retreat became a hive of modern American productive activity.
    • The day after her unit withdrew from Monrovia, Black Diamond's compound and the sequestered house presented a desolate sight.