Traducción de sequin en Español:


lentejuela, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsikwɪn//ˈsiːkwɪn/


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    lentejuela femenino
    • We saw details including metal fasteners, buckles, sequins and embroidered patchwork.
    • It is made of a red gauzy material with sequins and decorative beads sewn in a loopy design on the front, and, as decided, it is long with tiny straps and a small slit down one side.
    • Katherine is going to wear a black tank top with sequins and dark blue jeans.
    • It was made of white leather and had shiny blue sequins around the eye holes.
    • Detail embroidery, retro beadwork, sequins and lace add a touch of Hollywood glamour.
    • My eyes rested on a magnificent strapless light blue dress with sequins dotting the hemline.
    • I was wearing a good pair of denim blue jeans and a simple beige top that had sequins decorating the front and no jewelry except for a pair of sterling silver studs.
    • The small size makes the gauge convenient to cart along for measuring/adjusting/adding lines of sequins, or decorations to costumes.
    • Leonora was dressed in a white trouser suit covered in sequins, with a white fake fur cape draped over padded shoulders.
    • I looked down at my own dress, with the shiny threads and sequins.
    • It was strapless and floor length, and was covered in shiny black sequins.
    • Try one with subtle detailing, such as sequins or beads for a dressier look.
    • The entire gown was scattered with pearls and sequins.
    • Today I must sew sequins on more t-shirts in order to sell them tomorrow.
    • Add glam to a plain white dress with shiny silver sequins / beads.
    • The beetles' iridescent wings were used in the Victorian era like sequins to decorate the dresses of society women.
    • He came out wearing a black suit with gold sequins.
    • Beads, sequins, rhinestones, glitter, embroidery and and specialty detailing will also be a major trend, so if you love a little glamour it's definitely going to be your year.
    • Crystal was wearing a black dress with tiny sequins sewn into it so that it glittered in the light.
    • She had made my wedding dress and sewn sequins onto a secondhand hat.