Traducción de serious en Español:


serio, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪərɪəs//ˈsɪriəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in earnest, sincere)

      I'm not joking, I'm serious no estoy bromeando, lo digo en serio / de veras
      • come on now, be serious! vamos, vamos, más formalidad
      • on a more serious note pasando a un tema más serio
      • to be serious, I don't think it's feasible hablando en serio, no creo que eso sea posible
      • to give serious thought/consideration to sth pensar/considerar algo seriamente
      • to be serious about sth/-ing
      • I'm serious about this lo digo en serio
      • she's not serious about our relationship no se toma lo nuestro en serio
      • are you serious about wanting to change your job? ¿en serio quieres cambiar de trabajo?
      • If we are serious about cutting the teenage pregnancy rate, family planning experts must be able to advise young people of the choices.
      • The club is serious about their intent to gain promotion this season.
      • I'm serious about this because we are now looking at some accountability in a system.
      • These frank statements suggest that he is sincere and serious about exposing the problems and proposing solutions.
      • Those aren't the words of somebody who was serious about fighting the Cold War.
      • If the Government is serious about disaster preparedness, it is going to have to start with the fundamentals.
      • Now, judging on the tax cuts you've offered, you're quite serious about that.
      • You start locking up folks and then we tell people we are serious about this.
      • If he is really serious about giving up, and is not just saying that to fob you off, he should seek professional therapy to help him to kick the habit.
      • These food changes took a lot of determination, but I was serious about losing weight.
      • Better to try to look half way serious about this now, rather than after the names break.
      • Nobody in the Security Council thought that he was serious or honest with that declaration.
      • He's truly serious about wanting to get the paparazzi outlawed.
      • Most people begin to think that no one is serious about it and its all just a big joke.
      • If Americans don't get serious about voter fraud very soon, it will be too late.
      • If the Americans are serious about the spread of liberty they must commit themselves to it.
      • We've already shared a bit of banter but for that 90 minutes we will be very serious about what we have to do for our respective countries.
      • If it was serious about a long-term commitment to Mitsubishi, then why isn't it willing to bail it out?
      • Though she was quite serious, James Benedict burst into a bought of amused laughter.
      • And even if he was being serious about the tsunami escape centre, who's to say the idea is ludicrous?

    • 1.2(thoughtful)

      she suddenly put on a serious face de repente se puso seria / puso cara seria
      • don't look so serious no te pongas tan serio
      • I've always tried to be both humorous and serious at the same time.
      • He tried to appear serious for a second but then broke down laughing.
      • Olivia looks thoughtful before her serious face is broken by a broad smile.
      • Then he let the smile fade into a more serious expression, though it was one that was filled with a steady joy.
      • His character is serious, but loveable, and it's great to see him tackle drama as easily as he does comedy.
      • He looked so serious for a moment that Faith almost believed him.
      • He became serious for a moment as they stepped onto the marble floor of the entry hall.
      • She looked at him levelly, her eyes dry and now solemn and serious.
      • Her forceful personality and ease in the spotlight complemented the king's serious, thoughtful demeanour.
      • These are serious, thoughtful people who are not in thrall to the restrictions of old ideologies.
      • For once, he was totally serious as new thoughts compressed his old ones to the back of his mind.
      • The familiar smirk was gone, replaced by a serious, solemn look that she had never seen before.
      • Indeed, it became an important part of the process of playing a serious character.
      • Her blush climbed higher as he watched her with feigned serious thoughtfulness.
      • He grinned at her, but quickly turned serious again as his thoughts returned to why he was there.
      • I tried to give him a charming smile and look serious at the same time.
      • He looks solemn and serious, but I can remember how he and the other two big boys were holding in laughter.
      • Her mother became very serious for a moment, her hands tightening on Jessie's shoulders.
      • She scowled meanly, then her face became more serious and thoughtful.

    • 1.3(committed)

      (student/worker) dedicado
      I haven't much time for serious study no tengo tiempo para estudiar en serio

    • 1.4(not lightweight)

      (newspaper/music/play) serio
      • While it toyed with serious drama, Moulin Rouge is injected with joyous melodramatic fun.
      • The principal gave a little speech on creating the right mood for serious poetry.
      • He has made a serious and thoughtful film, despite some obvious limitations.
      • It was not commercial fiction, it was all serious fiction, but I loved it.
      • And his new film, Munich is also what I suppose you can call a serious film by Spielberg.
      • It is so rewarding to experience theatre that is serious, thought provoking, skilful and local.
      • Every aspect of what is supposed to prevail in serious fiction comes into play.
      • They are probably the only group around making any kind of serious music.
      • Very few directors dare to make serious films due to paucity of funds, she said.
      • He was nominated for an Oscar for his first serious movie, The Last Picture Show, which he made at age 22.
      • At least when I grew up I could look forward to the next Bergman film or serious movies by other great film-makers.
      • Our culture forces serious music to function solely as entertainment or not at all.
      • There is no permanent circuit to screen serious films and the distribution system too leaves much to be desired.
      • The movie itself might not be much on serious drama, but the bonus features make up for that.
      • A serious drama should be like a swimmer diving into a pool and swimming to the other side in one smooth, perfect trajectory.
      • Then a Saturday night show will take place at the Holy Cross Cathedral and will consist of more serious music.
      • It was generally a parody or skit on more serious opera, a forerunner of the satirical revue.
      • Name me a recent serious novel written about the experience of Black men in America.
      • Before that I was beginning to fear there was no place for serious drama in the movie industry.
      • Of course The Magdalene Sisters is a serious film, a horror story in the true sense of the term, but also a lesson in history.

  • 2

    • 2.1(grave, severe)

      (illness/accident/injury) grave
      a serious mistake un grave / serio error
      • the water shortage is getting serious la escasez de agua se está convirtiendo en un problema serio
      • things are getting serious las cosas se están poniendo serias
      • People deserve better - not just those living there but the motorists who risk death or serious injury every day.
      • However, investigations later showed it was only an increased heartbeat which is less serious than first thought.
      • The most serious injuries were thought to be head injuries, broken bones and fractures.
      • Only 26 patients had side effects that were serious enough to require a dosage reduction.
      • The firm says the problem is not serious enough to merit a full product recall.
      • I fear that this may well have some serious repercussions for many innocent Muslims.
      • The grade 3 concussion and the retinal detachment were the most serious injuries observed.
      • If the offence is serious enough to warrant it, the court may consider imposing a community sentence.
      • Full protection needs to be worn to reduce the risk of serious eye injuries.
      • Deeper infection is serious and requires removal and re-implantation of the joint.
      • To allow that to happen is to put the child itself at terrible risk of serious injury or death if there is an accident.
      • The screener must decide whether a complaint raises a question of serious professional misconduct.
      • It is better to speak of an unlawful and dangerous act carrying with it an appreciable risk of serious injury.
      • Does this mean there is new evidence that climate change is more serious than previously thought?
      • The specialist I visited at age 8 did not believe my condition was serious enough to merit correction.
      • There is an error in the third paragraph which is sufficiently serious to warrant that I replace the copy.
      • The most common serious complications were related to the incision or urinary tract problems.
      • The risk of serious complication was lower in those who had treatment for diabetes.
      • Adequate knowledge and training of clinicians will minimize the occurrence of such serious complications.
      • However, due to a serious family illness we will be unable to go.

    • 2.2(of importance, major)

      it doesn't need serious alterations no necesita grandes arreglos
      • I have serious doubts about him tengo mis serias dudas acerca de él
      • the only serious opposition to the proposal la única oposición a la propuesta digna de ser tenida en cuenta
      • now they've gone we can get down to some serious drinking ahora que se han ido podemos empezar a tomar / beber en serio
      • we're talking serious money here no estamos hablando de dos centavos