Traducción de seriously en Español:


seriamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪərɪəsli//ˈsɪriəsli/


  • 1

    • 1.1(not frivolously)

      con seriedad
      he looked at me seriously me miró serio
      • sentence adverb seriously though hablando en serio
      • sentence adverb seriously, when do you plan to leave? (hablando) en serio ¿cuándo te vas?
      • They treated my questions seriously and thoughtfully, helping me to see how Christianity answers the issues raised by modern culture.

    • 1.2(genuinely, sincerely)

      you can't seriously mean that no lo puedes estar diciendo en serio
      • are you seriously suggesting that I must pay now? ¿así que lo dices en serio? ¿tengo que pagar ahora?
      • I'm seriously interested in the subject estoy muy interesada en / tengo un gran interés en el tema

  • 2

    (ill/injured) gravemente
    the scandal has seriously undermined the government's credibility el escándalo ha perjudicado seriamente la credibilidad del gobierno
    • these figures are seriously misleading estas cifras son muy engañosas
    • There will also be a network of local care hospitals supported by a critical care hospital for seriously ill patients.
    • If the nail appears to be seriously infected see your doctor.
    • Only one crewman was seriously injured, doctors said, adding that he may lose his eyesight.
    • Consumers can become seriously ill if they eat an egg that is not fully cooked and contaminated with salmonella.
    • The widely held belief that European levels of air pollution might seriously affect human health has been hard to verify.
    • The new hospital will concentrate on very seriously ill children and specialist cases.
    • The successfully treated seriously ill are also affected by these service inadequacies.
    • Her badly scarred face seriously affects her speech and she worries for her future as a potential wife.
    • This manner of anti-social behaviour seriously impacts on the quality of life for local residents who should now be able to enjoy a more peaceful home environment.
    • Some of them almost begged me not to write about this subject, advising me that this could seriously affect my health and safety.
    • People driving within the legal limit can be really incapacitated and have their driving seriously impaired, especially at lunchtime.
    • Your child is seriously hurt, but one doctor is there who can save your child.
    • None of the seriously injured were thought to have been travelling in the other three vehicles involved, although one of the cars was severely damaged.
    • No one knows how many such doctors there are, but let us assume that around 3% of doctors are seriously deficient.
    • The lorry driver also was injured, though not seriously.
    • The first is to identify seriously underperforming doctors.
    • None of the three boys was thought to be seriously hurt, although they were all taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital for checks.
    • It's one of the stupid reasons I don't go to hospitals unless I'm seriously ill.
    • The South East was most seriously affected but none of the train operators there reported significant delays either.
    • The Israelis fired at the Palestinians, wounding nine, three seriously, doctors said.