Traducción de sermonize en Español:


sermonear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈsəːmənʌɪz//ˈsərməˌnaɪz/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • In the Reformation church sermonizing in the nave gave particular meaning to the term ‘auditory’ church.
    • Urge upon your minister, priest, rabbi or bishop that as a moral leader of the community he or she should sermonize and speak out publicly against hate crimes, especially against anti-gay violence.
    • He even sent a field representative who encouraged local pastors to sermonize about the school choice issue.
    • In May 1596 he was appointed rector to East Hoathly and the same year sermonized there on the Book of Ruth.
    • In their hey-day, the Seven Deadlies could draw forth endless hours of vituperative sermonising in the churches and cathedrals that were packed to capacity.
    • But after years of warning worshipers to avoid the seduction of material success, pastors are now sermonizing on the predicaments of sudden economic misfortune.
    • Millions of Muslims today go to their local mosques and hear their preachers sermonize from the Holy Koran.
    • Father Peter is a likable character who seems to enjoy fishing and gambling more than sermonizing, though he has some pragmatic, down to earth advice for those who need it.
    • He urges the nervous young priest to sermonize against her.
    • He was the son of a Baptist preacher who sermonized about the virtues of the free market.
    • At the time of the framing, by contrast, preachers were instrumental in instituting the rule of law, sermonizing in favor of obedience to legitimately enacted laws.
    • Preachers paid for time to sermonize, listeners could call in, some slots were reserved for Christian music.