Traducción de serpentine en Español:


serpeante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsərpənˌtaɪn//ˈsəːp(ə)ntʌɪn//ˈsərpənˌtin/



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    (path) serpeante literario
    (path) serpenteante
    • The show on the second floor of the multi-storeyed Customs House, attracted hundreds of excited buyers who stood in serpentine queues clutching bulging purses.
    • Then Frankie and I climb back in and the three of us continue down the languid, serpentine river.
    • You can meander along the serpentine paths that lead into the forests and soak in some wilderness.
    • Then the couple decided to throw some curves at the problem, in the form of a serpentine front deck that echoes curves in the home's landscaping.
    • This runs from the main road to the north through the forest to link with a series of serpentine paths that meander around the grave fields on the eastern flank of the site.
    • The Indian cricketers won their first Test on Pakistani soil, and this old town, with its maze of serpentine lanes and pocket-sized shops, had been witness to cricketing history.
    • As one looks upward at the wall, one can find the serpentine road clinging to the mountain just like a snake with numerous whirls.
    • Zig-zag roads and serpentine rivers criss-crossing different valleys of this far-flung district, make the landscape even more fascinating.
    • Arctic Village is an assembly of 40-odd spruce-log cabins that overlook the serpentine bends, oxbows, and channels of the East Fork.
    • Drivers would continue on the serpentine route until the road they actually need from Brighton Hill is the first left.
    • Banana trees hang out over the long and winding road and traffic rips around serpentine curves at speeds more appropriate to medical emergencies than the transportation of fruit.
    • Nothing could have been more heart-warming than the sight of people standing patiently in a serpentine queue at the auditorium to buy the commemorative stamp!
    • He has just completed a three-mile long serpentine sculpture in a New Zealand estuary.
    • Finish with a 12-mile mountain-bike ride on the serpentine Forest Service roads of the Chugach National Forest, near Girdwood.
    • Afternoons are a nightmare for commuters standing in serpentine queues at the rear entrance of the City Railway Station.
    • They complement each other wonderfully, their serpentine lines constantly weaving in and out, creating a dense tapestry.
    • The center of old cities is the casbah (Arabic for fortress), a market of serpentine alleyways and intricate arches where a variety of traditional crafts are sold, from carpets to baskets to pottery.
    • Gladiator weds the heroic scope of movies like Ben-Hur, Spartacus, Braveheart, and Rob Roy with the serpentine political treachery of I, Claudius.
    • The serpentine quality of the Nile, as it endlessly meanders from one end of the manuscript to another, marked by small tributaries, is remarkable.
    • Over the past year their government has set about establishing that separation unilaterally by the construction of a serpentine course of fences, barriers, and walls.
    • Clustered on hills - its houses like red-roofed barnacles - and divided by serpentine rivers, the city is a haven both for Bulgarians seeking to reclaim their past and expats seeking to escape theirs.


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