Traducción de serrated en Español:


serrado, adj.

Pronunciación /səˈreɪdəd//səˈreɪtɪd/


  • 1

    (knife/blade/edge) serrado
    (edge/knife/blade) dentado
    (leaf) dentado
    • It's sharp, serrated edge gleamed in the late morning sunshine.
    • It has oval leaves with a slightly serrated edge.
    • A small saw or serrated blade such as an old bread knife can be used.
    • If you have a dull serrated edge knife, which doesn't happen often, it is best to take it to a professional knife sharpener.
    • The light shone off the silver blade, and Claire could see her distorted reflection above the serrated edge of the knife.
    • Several times there came a harsh cry from hordes of goblin throats as they came charging out of the woods waving wicked looking black iron swords with serrated edges.
    • Randomly thrashing, the serrated edge of the hunter's knife cut a clean gash into the side of the beast's neck, letting loose a clean stream of crimson.
    • The eight-ounce unit holds six screwdriver bits and has a serrated blade, needle-nose pliers, a metal saw, and a wood saw.
    • With her free hand, she whipped it into her back pocket and pulled out a wallet-sized black object with a serrated edge at the top.
    • Glossy coats of enamel paint bead up on the panels' edges, creating subtly serrated perimeters.
    • He held out his hands, and a long staff of spectral blue light appeared between them, with a serrated, curved blade attached to one end.
    • The serrated edge of his weapon cut deep into the metal, despite its apparent fragility, and split apart the armour plates that were fortifying the structure.
    • Above, the serrated edge of the granite ridge cuts through the cobalt sky.
    • It's a ceramic sharpener that's capable of touching up even serrated edges.
    • I do use both plain and serrated blades often and the effectiveness of a serrated edge is unquestioned.
    • Long stems bearing one-inch flowers with a serrated petal edge bring a lacy look to floral arrangements, as well as the garden.
    • When she surfaced, something brushed across her arm, a yellow heart-shaped leaf with serrated edges.
    • We can only imagine what these serrated blades and shards of glass could do to the human body.
    • Guilty pleas were also entered to driving while disqualified and without insurance and possession of a lock knife with a three-inch serrated blade.
    • The stout bill is conical, with serrated edges in some species.