Traducción de server en Español:


cubierto de servir, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsəːvə//ˈsərvər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(utensil)

      cubierto de servir masculino

    • 1.2

      (dish) fuente femenino
      (tray) bandeja femenino

    • 1.3US (in restaurant)

      camarero masculino
      camarera femenino
      mesero masculino América Latina
      mesera femenino América Latina
      mozo masculino Cono Sur
      moza femenino Cono Sur
      mesonero masculino Venezuela
      mesonera femenino Venezuela
      • At a restaurant, you are paying for an enjoyable experience with a pleasant server and good food.
      • A bartender quits, a server walks, and the process starts all over again.
      • The servers are presumably making more than a restaurant wage, yes?
      • Use gourmet coffee and tea and teach bartenders and servers how to brew them correctly.
      • New servers and bartenders are certified in NRA's Bar Code program before they hit the floor.
      • Julia Stewart began her career in the food-service industry as a server at IHOP 32 years ago.
      • The hostess ignored us at one point; the server didn't bring a spoon for my soup; wine, water, and bread were late.
      • Food servers appeared dressed in white uniforms for the formal occasion.
      • I now work at a café as a food server to support my family.
      • I want to thank you the waiters, the servers everyone was so nice and kind.
      • Lee waved down the server behind the counter, who seemed to have been engulfed in conversation with one of the two men seated next to us.
      • He watched as a line of servers carried silver trays stacked with food in the direction the men had gone.
      • The set up crew stayed behind to act as servers, which gave the host and hostess time to interact with their guests.
      • I enjoy talking about food and wines with food servers and find it amusing to engage in heated debates.
      • In doing so, servers and bartenders should avoid words that make the order seem excessive.
      • At the large tables, the servers plunked down, with rude haste, one bowl of rice in the middle of each table.
      • The menu was an all-Bulgarian affair, but the bilingual server was more than ready to assist.
      • This scenario is then revealed as a drug-induced hallucination when the food server asks Harry if he wants anything else.
      • Right after the server brings my food, I offer a taste to each person at the table.
      • If bartenders and servers are insufficiently trained, every aspect of the operation suffers.

  • 2

    jugador que tiene el saque
  • 3

    monaguillo masculino
    acólito masculino
    • The altar servers were Ashling and Niamh Farrell and Nellie Casey.
    • He also thanked the choir, the reader, the collectors, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers and all present.
    • Have you considered being a cup bearer, alter server, Eucharistic minister, and/or reader?
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    servidor masculino
    • Our solution bases itself on a cluster of identical Linux servers, providing various network services.
    • Access to reboot these servers remotely was not part of our job description.
    • Access to workstations, servers or network utility rooms should be reviewed.
    • Symantec plans to develop versions of the software for servers, workstations, laptops and handheld devices.
    • Dell sold eight million servers, laptops and desktop computers during the quarter.
    • Attacking both personal computers and network servers, the Nimda worm has already seriously affected one local business.
    • It appears the issue lies with spam filtering software used by a number of internet service providers and web servers.
    • A server farm is a large collection of computer network servers.
    • When I go to the Macintosh, I can see the Linux server and access any file I want from it.
    • By the end of next year, the dual-core product line will be broadened to servers and laptop computers, he said.
    • Last year, the government blocked dozens of computer servers believed to be sending spam.
    • There are also problems associated with securing and managing large numbers of servers.
    • Fiorina says segments such as Unix servers and computer-repair services are making money.
    • If you're running a network, you can configure, monitor and maintain anti-virus programs using your network server.
    • Consequently, block storage networks only allow servers to access their own disk volumes.
    • With a network server, computers can share a single telephone connection.
    • Consera makes similar software for managing Windows servers.
    • At the heart of your computer network sits a server.
    • It is used in personal computers and servers for low-speed system management communications.
    • Sales of storage systems, laptops, servers, software and printers jumped as well.