Traducción de service en Español:


servicio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsəːvɪs//ˈsərvəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(duty, work)

      servicio masculino
      a life of service to others una vida al servicio de los demás
      • she did voluntary service trabajó como voluntaria
      • on active service en servicio activo
      • five years' (length of) service cinco años de antigüedad / de trabajo
      • With more than six decades of voluntary service to her credit, she has not yet called it a day.
      • Both Michael and Patrick were well liked and highly valued employees who gave loyal service to the company.
      • For voluntary service to the community there was no better family and Nick was a leader in that field.
      • The Father Cullen Medal was presented to Patsy Toolan for recognition of long term service to the centre.
      • Danny DeVito presented the Cecil B DeMille Award to Michael Douglas for his years of service to the industry.
      • Relocation expenses, guaranteed by law after a minimum period of service, are the answer.
      • This relief benefits employees who have high earnings and long periods of service.
      • He said she had given many years of outstanding service to Castlebar Social Services.
      • When it comes to voluntary service, he never hesitated to lead from the forefront.
      • After this he undertook voluntary military service in the fortress artillery.
      • Pay records would show no service during this time period because he was not paid!
      • This protection applies regardless of the employee's length of service.
      • She has a valid point - the award has been given to others whose service is shorter than hers.
      • A 1696 scheme for registering seamen for limited periods of service was abandoned in 1711.
      • They see the fees as payment for service, even if they agree that activism is required.
      • The period of service must, however, be lawful employment.
      • It is usually difficult for a institution to run totally on voluntary service, without any funding.
      • The pay criteria included factors such as mobility, training, and length of service of employees.
      • He is also a member of York Rotary Club, where he is a strong supporter of voluntary service to the community of York.
      • The government planned to replace required military service with a voluntary army.
      • Whatever the level of voluntary service, we want to hear from you.
      • The period of their service was reduced, and some were repatriated before their contracts had expired.

    • 1.2(as domestic servant)

      she was in service with a duke servía en casa de un duque
      • he went into service in 1932 se puso a trabajar como criado en 1932

    • 1.3(given by a tool, machine)

      you'll get years of service from this iron esta plancha le durará años
      • this car has given (me) good service over the years este coche me ha prestado muy buen servicio a lo largo de los años
      • these boots have seen a lot of service estas botas tienen mucho trote

  • 2

    (of professional, tradesman, company)
    servicio masculino
    24-hour emergency service servicio de emergencia (durante) las 24 horas del día
    • goods and services bienes y servicios
    • to offer one's services ofrecer sus (or mis etc.) servicios
    • we no longer require your services ya no precisamos sus servicios
    • it's all part of the service todo es parte del servicio
    • [ S ]services 1 mile área de servicio a 1 milla
    • The firm lives and dies by customer service, easy accessibility, and global reach.
    • Maybe the customers will accept the water hike if they also see continuous effort to improve service.
    • This has allowed its branch network to focus on customer service and sales.
    • Edel aims to provide experienced advice and professional service to all her customers.
    • Sherriff's main aims, he said, are to increase shareholder value and customer service.
    • It also enables Tusker's customer support team to deliver the highest level of service and advice.
    • This allows for better customer service, fewer income errors, and improved collection times.
    • After all, he didn't have to spend five and a half hours doing customer service.
    • Part of customer service is the great feeling that you get when you see that you've made a difference.
    • Do you ever wonder what's going on while you're waiting on hold for customer service?
    • Product design and quality has fallen behind and customer service has fallen behind competitors.
    • He is determined to retain the major water customers by improving service and offering advice on water and waste management.
    • There's no doubt that strong customer service is integral to a healthy business.
    • The most common jobs posted at his site are those in customer service, marketing and sales.
    • This will allow it to continue to sink all its money into sales and service.
    • A key factor in these contract wins has been the assurance of a local and experienced post sales support service.
    • The third step is to ensure that after sales service is in keeping with your promise.
    • It will outsource customer service and claims handling and will use the internet to market itself.
    • If we are to effectively eliminate this whole sector of retail sale and service, we must be prepared to fill up the vacuum.
    • I also suspect that the quality of service would have improved as the company got to know me better.
  • 3

    servicio masculino
    she has done us all a service nos ha hecho a todos un favor / servicio
  • 4

    (organization, system)
    servicio masculino
    telephone/postal service servicio telefónico/postal
    • the bus/rail service el servicio de autobuses/trenes
    • there's a daily/an hourly service to Boston hay un servicio diario/un tren (or autobús etc.) cada hora a Boston
    • a new scheduled service to Dubai un nuevo servicio regular a Dubai
    • this service terminates here este es el final del trayecto
    • the emergency services los servicios de emergencia
    • Student support services are essential to help enhance the success of prospective teachers.
    • The burglars usually pose as workers for utility services, such as water, gas or electricity and target elderly householders.
    • Essential public services, like water supply, have no place in trade agreement agenda of the WTO.
    • The board currently provides a dispute resolution service on a voluntary basis.
    • Caidee has not yet returned to school and the issue has been referred to the education welfare service.
    • However, no one seems to notice, or even to care, that this service is no longer available.
    • They also offer a shopping service to assist home care clients unable to do their own shopping.
    • The country is still a mess, with deteriorating services like water and electricity.
    • This single piece of legislation will deprive many local communities of an adequate postal service.
    • We have the full backing of the education welfare service and are working together to address the problem.
    • All that will be required of them is to pay for services like water, electricity and refuse removal.
    • An efficient, reliable postal service is essential to the smooth running of the nation's affairs.
    • The money they raise will help us fund further services, assisting more local people living with cancer.
    • By March, 1976, the mothers had organised a school bus service to serve the new school.
    • There is also a day care service where patients are brought in and get excellent treatment.
    • Making money, however, is not what the supervised child contact service is all about.
    • I believe a two-tier medical service is needed, similar to the rest of Europe.
    • I am sure these new services will also assist in tackling the current traffic situation in and around the town centre.
    • More victims of sex attacks in Swindon will be able to seek help from a support service when it expands later this year.
    • The money raised will be used towards the costs of the centre's support service.
  • 5

    (chief/life) (before noun) militar
    (wife/family) de militar
    (family/wife) de miembro de las fuerzas armadas
    the (armed) services las fuerzas armadas
    • which service was he in? ¿en qué cuerpo estaba?
    • the senior service la marina
    • Are the services anticipating the changing nature of future conflict in their wargaming?
    • The men in uniform, the chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force, are veterans of the services.
    • It has had an effect on me, as a person who has served in the services.
    • It shall also allocate the numerical strength of the Reserves to the services and combat arms.
    • He met his wife, who has also served in the Territorial Army and Auxiliary Air Force, through the services.
    • For those interested in other career fields, the services are hiring as well.
    • His appointment signaled a renaissance of the warrior ethic throughout the services.
    • The lessons that all the services are learning will help provide us with what we need to prepare for the future.
  • 6

    (in shop, restaurant)
    servicio masculino
    [ S ]service not included servicio no incluido
    • table / (British) waiter service servicio de mozos
    • You'll return to the establishment again and again because the food and service was so good.
    • Like us they were enjoying the elegant surroundings, attentive service and delicious food.
    • It was a shame to be there on an off night, but the upside was quick and friendly service from the bar staff.
    • The service and food were good as always, but this room is not accessible to elderly and handicapped people.
    • I noted the name, booked a table and was surprised to find lukewarm food and chilly service.
    • With excellent service and first class food, I shall certainly be returning.
    • The friendly service, the superb food and the stunning location all add up to money well spent.
    • Recently redecorated, it has spectacular bathrooms, stylish food and impeccable service.
    • A great dining experience depends on good food and service, but being a good guest also can enhance it.
    • The fact the he is a regular customer speaks volumes for the quality of the food and friendly service.
    • All in all, Delight is a restaurant with a nice atmosphere, decent service and good food.
    • The level of service, food and comfort makes it money well spent.
    • Good food, good service and good prices were popular reasons for visiting this popular Italian restaurant.
    • The restaurant at the top was surprisingly large, and the food and service were excellent.
    • There is very little to find fault at Sokrates - it has fine food, good service and atmosphere.
    • We had to teach them everything from service to food to cleaning, even personal hygiene.
    • You'd think that the lack of customers would mean speedy service at the bar.
    • Of course, it could try distinguishing itself with amazing food, service and ambience.
    • Our chances of getting the best food and the best service were good.
    • But he did not expect to be refused service by bar staff when he arrived at the pub with some friends near closing time, he said.
  • 7

    (overhaul, maintenance)
    revisión femenino
    servicio masculino América Latina
    service masculino Río de la Plata
    (package/contract) (before noun) de mantenimiento
    the annual service el service anual Río de la Plata
    • service engineer técnica de mantenimiento
    • It had failed to refill the gearbox with oil during the pre-delivery service of the car.
    • I had to take my car in for a service after squash and had meant to check under the seats in case it had slipped out of my pocket, but forgot.
    • By some good fortune we made it to Vals on time, then proceeded to our hotel where we had a bite to eat and then gave the car a service with Jim and the gang.
  • 8

    oficio religioso masculino
    funeral service funeral masculino
    • wedding service ceremonia de boda
    • Here his followers would gather in the mornings and afternoons for religious services.
    • I point out that the wedding is a service of worship in which God is the focus and our goal is to please Him.
    • It is important to understand what pastors and religious leaders do in services of healing.
    • Its worship services have hitherto been held in the garage of the pastor's home.
    • One tends to find greater respect for the liturgical nature of our common worship in Anglican services.
    • In response, the unions called off the mass memorial service that was originally scheduled last year.
    • The Archbishop led a short service, followed by a prayer of blessing and dedication for the new meeting facilities.
    • Each donor received a copy of the page and memorial card, and was invited to the short remembrance service at the Dumers Lane hospice.
    • Therefore, his religious services in the morning and evening used to be a major event each day.
    • He himself attended worship services at the first Protestant church in Mexico City, established not long after he took power.
    • Carolyn and bridegroom Richard Coombs were told their reception could not go ahead after the church marriage service.
    • His wife was trapped in the house and the intruders threatened to kill her if the worship service continued.
    • In Iraq, British soldiers celebrated Easter in a series of regimental services at military bases in the country.
    • They had a short service in the town's Civic Hall before marching back through the park.
    • A short prayer service will be held immediately afterwards in the church.
    • Worship services held in Amish homes reaffirm the moral order of Amish life.
    • A short service to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day was held in Skipton and Settle.
    • One of the team's goals is to pray during worship services for the church's leaders and ministry.
    • The service included hymns specially chosen by Ian's family, and prayers led by his father, Roy.
    • They can also get access to a further 22 spaces in a nearby overflow car park during bigger services.
  • 9

    (in tennis)
    servicio masculino
    saque masculino
    (line) (before noun) de servicio
    (line) (before noun) de saque
    you should improve your service deberías mejorar el servicio / saque
    • first/second service! ¡primer/segundo saque / servicio!
    • service Pombo servicio de Pombo
    • service break ruptura de servicio
    • We are on the balls of our feet, like tennis players awaiting service, anxiously twiddling our sticks.
    • Jenkins served the first four services of the third game, picking up one ace in the process of doing so.
  • 10dinner service

    vajilla femenino
    tea/coffee service juego de té/café masculino
  • 11

    (of writ) notificación femenino
    (of summons) citación femenino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (overhaul, maintain)
    (car) hacerle una revisión a
    (car) hacerle un servicio a América Latina
    (car) hacerle un service a Río de la Plata
    (appliance/machine) hacerle el mantenimiento a
    • Chris has done all the outside maintenance and ground care and even taught himself how to service tractors in order to save costs!
    • You will need to have the car taken to the garage that services your fleet vehicle.
    • You may get a locally trained technician to service the machines and robotics.
    • The ability to service his machines properly and promptly is also important to Roaden.
    • The electrical and plumbing systems were checked, a new gas boiler was installed, the lifts were serviced and repaired, and the fire safety equipment was also checked and repaired or replaced.
    • While in the Senior Service Mr Allingham serviced aircraft and acted as a spotter for submarines and mines during the Battle of Jutland.
    • He was reimbursed only a small amount on account of his disbursements for the use of his car in servicing the machines.
    • Flanik's father, who serviced vending machines as a side occupation, was shot to death during a robbery when Flanik was 14.
    • We had the rear brake serviced by Magura during a tech seminar, and it performed excellently.
    • I am amazed at the number of farmers who have not serviced their tractor in 2003.
    • Kruger urged motorists to use their cars sensibly, have their vehicles serviced regularly and form lift clubs where possible.
    • When he first set up in business he serviced washing machines and vacuum cleaners, but soon moved over to specialising in selling light fittings and lamp shades.
    • Make sure gas appliances are serviced regularly.
    • Hugin was held by the Commission to be in breach of Article 86 by refusing to supply spare parts for its cash registers to Liptons, which competed with Hugin in servicing Hugin's machines.
    • Be sure that there is a program in place to review and service vehicles prior to each use.
    • Abrey advised people not to wait for the summer to service their machines but rather to do them in winter.
    • For one week he worked for a tailor, then was employed as a kitchen hand, later drove a truck, serviced machinery and sold construction equipment.
    • He had his motorcycle serviced by the respondent.
    • The aircraft were serviced, checked over carefully and winterized before being ferried north.
    • Ensure that your car is regularly serviced and check your tyre pressures regularly.
  • 2

    • 2.1Finanzas

      (debt/loan) pagar los intereses de
      (debt/loan) atender el servicio de formal
      • Remember it is pointless keeping too much surplus money in a savings account if you are also servicing debt at a higher rate of interest.
      • Negative numbers can mean the company is servicing debt but can also mean the company is making dividend payments and stock repurchases, which investors might be glad to see.
      • Therefore, countries had to increase production of commodities in order to service their debts.
      • Deutsche Bank expresses concern at the association's ability to service the escalating debt.
      • Instead, the national debt is simply serviced with the amount of interest paid in any year being a function of the size of the debt and the interest rates on the appropriate debt instruments.

    • 2.2Finanzas
      (look after)

      ocuparse de
      • We have 84,000 people who will be serviced by that organisation.

  • 3

    (sow/mare) cubrir
    (mare/sow) montar
    • It is then that Jane reads about how bulls never service the same cow twice.
    • The queen bee is serviced by her male drones, and then she kills them off one by one.
    • It has been known for one male to service 40 females, but it all depends on his size and strength.
    • The farmer then gauges the progress by the number of ewes with coloured hindquarters, indicating which of his flock have been serviced.
    • Almost all the world's big owners, including the Queen and the Aga Khan, send their horses to be serviced at Coolmore.