Traducción de serviceable en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsərvəsəb(ə)l//ˈsəːvɪsəb(ə)l/


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    it's old, but still perfectly serviceable está viejo pero todavía sirve / se puede usar perfectamente
    • As a description of a function in an organism the word is perfectly serviceable.
    • If you have that much money to spend on a pair of shoes then spend £115 on a perfectly serviceable pair of reasonable quality shoes and give £500 to charity.
    • The DBI is actually a continuing art project that functions as a satirical yet serviceable institution (of the anti-institutional variety).
    • Following that is an adapted version of the rules, which seem perfectly serviceable to my eye.
    • In those days there was usually a second hand clothes dealer somewhere in the district so Cockler was never short of a serviceable warm jacket and coat.
    • Once you could buy a decent suit and a serviceable pair of shoes here.
    • The Arts Parkade turns out to be a serviceable venue for Greek tragedy, with an upper ramp allowing for a two-tiered set and all that cold concrete creating an eerie echo.
    • The clothes he had donned that morning were old, but serviceable.
    • He calls ‘functionalism’ a serviceable concept, and notes that he, like all other anthropologists, use it and its theories.
    • Nestled below the half-bottle of Champagne and assorted supermarket delicacies, was a serviceable souvenir rain poncho.
    • The serviceable track undulates and crosses many gullies, the trees are thinned, you can see out north over pretty fields, tightly bound by the curving wooded escarpment.
    • You get a private room - simple but serviceable - with a small changing area, a fresh-water shower and your jet-enhanced tub.
    • And that makes it more than serviceable for the normal run of fanatical ideologues, confirmed partisans and weak-minded bumpkins to make use of endlessly.
    • But whether they're serviceable or not is debatable.
    • Is there a serviceable record store closer than Pittsburgh?
    • And I must say she's been a very serviceable vehicle.
    • The old Royal High School has a serviceable chamber for debate and office space across the road at the St Andrew's House complex, with more space available if the site opposite where the Crown Office once stood was developed.
    • I'm sure there's some perfectly serviceable legislation already in place that would force him to turn down the megaphone if it exceeds a certain decibel level.
    • This assesses things like whether a person has a decent coat, two serviceable pairs of shoes and the ability to afford meat, chicken or fish for dinner at least every second day.
    • He saw the behaviour and language associated with such ideas as serviceable functions, highly developed in humans, but having roots in the behaviour of pre-human animals.
    • His kitchen is small but perfectly serviceable, especially for a doctor who tends to order room service or eat in restaurants.
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    • She glanced at her watch - a plain, serviceable black Swatch she had received last Christmas from her uncle.
    • She had serviceable furniture, a few photos and two paintings on the wall.
    • The dinghies on our lake were serviceable, not showy: hand-me-downs with dented motors and countless coats of varnish.
    • They made tools, ploughshares, chariots, chain armour, and many more strong and serviceable implements.
    • However, most of the time it is perfectly serviceable and it is attracting many business users as well as technically savvy and cost-conscious students.
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