Traducción de seventy en Español:


setenta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛv(ə)nti//ˈsɛvən(t)i/


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    setenta masculino
    there were seventy of us éramos setenta
    • during the seventies en la década de los setenta
    • he's in his seventies tiene unos setenta y tantos años
    • temperatures in the lower seventies temperaturas de entre setenta y setenta y cinco grados Fahrenheit
    • temperatures in the upper seventies temperaturas de entre setenta y cinco y ochenta grados Fahrenheit
    • before noun seventies fashions modas de los (años) setenta
    • seventies music música de los (años) setenta
    • The event was attended by over seventy people from a wide range of organisational backgrounds.
    • We certainly couldn't have used a title like this seventy years ago, but times have changed.
    • A human being would certainly not grow to be seventy or eighty years old if this longevity had no meaning for the species.
    • The country's seventy to eighty dialects are derived from Malay languages.
    • The meeting was well attended with an audience of approximately seventy people.
    • Most of the cards sold today are variations on themes introduced seventy to eighty years ago.
    • There are seventy or eighty families around the world that make their living from our companies and our related companies.
    • After this, the pilgrim travels to Mudalifah and collects seventy pea-sized pebbles, which will be used the following day for throwing.
    • This event was hugely successful with a Race Card of fifty-one races and over seventy generous sponsors whose names were listed on the official programme.
    • Most works of philosophy that run to seventy or eighty volumes are hard to summarize.
    • The National Prison in Paola has seventy to eighty prisoners.
    • Back in 1987, Carson, along with a team of seventy doctors, performed the first successful separation operation on German twins.
    • In the end, although canceled flights did prevent some members from coming, more than seventy were in attendance.
    • When the psalmist wrote this verse, he declared that man's average lifespan was seventy to eighty years.
    • This staff of seventy or eighty managers met monthly.
    • The agency is to allocate between seventy and eighty grants all over the country.
    • He produces seventy or eighty significant works each year and when he is in the mood he will work for fourteen hours or more a day.
    • It produces over seventy percent of the rose oil made in the world.
    • Up to seventy radioactive sources disappear from regulatory control annually within the EU alone, according to disturbing current estimates.
    • That's seventy or eighty thousand guineas a year!


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    (invariable adjective) setenta
    there were seventy people había setenta personas