Traducción de severance en Español:


ruptura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛv(ə)rəns//ˈsɛv(ə)r(ə)ns/


  • 1

    (of relations, links)
    ruptura femenino
    • Yet both enact the same predicament - a fundamental severance of the past from the present.
    • What he needed was complete and total separation, severance of all ties.
    • However, any hope of preserving neutrality was soon abandoned and the severance of diplomatic relations with the Axis was announced at the Rio conference in February 1942.
    • Going to an extreme, some nationalist academics and intellectuals have called for the severance of diplomatic relations.
    • He said on Wednesday that he was prepared to step down at any time to take responsibility for the severance of diplomatic ties.
    • Personally, it causes hardship, not only because of the absence of income from work, but also because of the severance of social networks associated with the workplace.
    • There will be an order for severance of counts 8 and 11 from the indictment upon the undertakings of the accused as follows.
    • In Common Sense, he argued for American severance from the British empire, and for isolationism in American policy towards Europe.
    • Importantly, these patterns of transnational migration have not in fact resulted in the severance of the relationship between culture and territorial belonging.
    • We cannot continue to entertain a worldview based on the severance of the relationship between humanity and the Divine, and hence between humanity and nature as a spiritual reality.
    • Finally, severance of the objectionable part seems inappropriate.
    • There was nothing to show that the severance of that relationship would have on-going traumatic effects for the child.
    • The severance of lines of communication at a grass-roots level has made the community more easily influenced by divisive statements by members of the elite.
    • It finds a fine balance between concentration on characters and integration of spatial detail to chart the painful severance of the friendship between the Prince and Falstaff.
    • One analyst said the decision will not lead to an immediate severance of diplomatic ties between them.
    • The political map of Roscommon is once again about to be redrawn with the severance of Longford and the addition of South Leitrim.
    • Taylor believes that the severance of understanding and attunement resulted in superior understanding at least of physical nature.
    • More ominously, the severance of the Anglo-Norman reign had left John free to turn his attention to Wales and Ireland.
    • The anguish of families witnessing the severance of the last land link between the countries speaks volumes about their common history, heritage, and culture.
    • Edwards would never allow a severance of the two.
    • It was the highest military contact between the two sides since the severance of formal diplomatic ties.
  • 2

    (from employment)
    cese masculino
    • Sixty permanent staff will be offered a voluntary severance package or redeployment to another ESB area of operation.
    • A spokesperson for the company confirmed employees had been invited to apply for voluntary severance packages.
    • We are arranging his severance as we speak which will take place as soon as we can get any agreement.
    • All of our colleagues are being provided with substantial severance payments and separation packages.
    • The severance deal offered by the Millenium was less than that struck when the Sydney Hilton closed late last year.
    • Richard took voluntary severance four years ago from his job as an engineer and since then has run his own one-man business from home.
    • Terms of Fleming's severance package are still being discussed with her.
    • And another complicating factor could be former City striker Ashley Ward who is still owed a substantial sum by the club following the severance of his contract.
    • It is understood that the staff have been offered attractive severance terms.
    • The board may offer a voluntary severance package to staff shortly.
    • Discussion about possible severance packages originated some 18 months after the separation.
    • This isn't the first time the ESB has substantially reduced its workforce through a major voluntary severance package scheme.
    • The printer company dropped 1,600 workers by April 30 with many of its staffers taking voluntary severance packages.
    • It is offering a voluntary severance package to its 900 staff - compulsory redundancy will follow if necessary.
    • Jobs at the council have already been slashed through voluntary severance packages.
    • Employees in positions that were now redundant would be offered voluntary severance and there would be no forced redundancies.
    • What we need to do now is move on to discussing severance terms and the timing of the closure.
    • Letters are to be sent out to certain administrative and general operative staff in the coming days offering them a voluntary severance package.
    • Voluntary severance terms provide for four weeks pay per year of service up to a maximum of two years of service.
    • Although there was a shortage of teachers, voluntary severance packages were granted to 1981 teachers, several of whom were teaching essential subjects.