Traducción de severance pay en Español:

severance pay

indemnización por cese, n.


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    indemnización por cese femenino
    • He said that after the sacking he received a call offering to increase his severance pay from one week to three months.
    • Employees will be paid severance pay according to their length of service.
    • If generous severance pay is out of the question, negotiate for other departure perks.
    • The employees were given severance pay and job placement assistance or, in some cases, early retirement.
    • At issue are wages, severance pay, education subsidies and grievance procedures.
    • In addition, government negotiators have proposed a rollback on health benefits, severance pay, and various leave provisions.
    • ‘So the severance pay was designed to compensate workers if the company had no other resource but to send them home,’ he pointed out.
    • The two factories were shifted to Dubai without providing any severance pay to the 400 employees.
    • Ryu loses his job, is robbed of his severance pay and has one of his kidneys removed without his knowledge.
    • I would take it easy for a few months and go scuba diving and windsurfing courtesy of my severance pay.
    • The severance pay would be worked out according to the number of years a worker had been with the company.
    • After four years of service, she received one month's severance pay, roughly $3,000.
    • The decree stipulates that the severance pay for a worker depends on their working period.
    • They are demanding to be paid their June wages, and protesting a delay in severance pay to five laid-off workers.
    • He gave her a reason for the termination and two weeks severance pay.
    • Workers who lose their jobs are to receive career support resources, job posting services, extended benefits and severance pay.
    • A domestic worker would also be entitled to severance pay of one week for each year of service.
    • Finally, many did not receive the severance pay and benefits to which they were legally entitled.
    • Try to get the best deal on severance pay, outplacement help, health coverage, bonus, retirement benefits, and stock options.
    • Even here, the union leadership had negotiated the best severance pay in the industry.