Traducción de sewing machine en Español:

sewing machine

máquina de coser, n.


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    máquina de coser femenino
    • They don't exactly have sewing machines but there is a tailor down the road who could finish them in a day.
    • Use sewing machine to stitch ribbon in place from top to bottom on both edges of the ribbon.
    • A universal needle can be used in all household sewing machines that accept a flat shank.
    • The artist had acquired a 1959 sewing machine that did chain stitching only.
    • A lounge inside is decorated with old household items, like a piano, sewing machines and white crocheted table cloths.
    • Double check the threading of your sewing machine to prevent immediate stitching problems.
    • Once sewing machines were available, ladies expected more and more complicated clothes to be made for them at lower prices, forgetting that there was often a lot of hand-finishing involved.
    • Founded in 1862 as a manufacturer of sewing machines, Opel later built motorcycles before entering the car business.
    • A sewing machine that allows for a lock stitch both top and bottom has been designed and is now available.
    • About 100 employees can work at sewing machines and then hand-deliver repaired costume pieces to singers before they go on stage.
    • One problem I often find with sewing machines is missing belt guards and needle guards.
    • The figures of three adults, a baby and a dog are constructed of patches of cloth stitched with a sewing machine.
    • Hasina, who knows certain basics of stitching, has oiled her sewing machine.
    • In August 1999, while setting up for a trade show in Utah, the two men were caught in a tornado that destroyed their sewing machines and sent them diving for cover.
    • Sewing was still done mostly on a Singer treadle sewing machine, though electric sewing machines became more common near the middle of the century.
    • These include providing people with sewing machines for cloths making and boxes for fish and vegetable vendors.
    • In twentieth century wars, factories producing agricultural machines and sewing machines were converted to build weapons.
    • Thread the sewing machine with monofilament thread in the needle and thread to match the felt in the bobbin.
    • Karen kept quiet and the mother superior ordered Karen to work at a sewing machine without needles for hours.
    • These included sewing machines, knitting and crochet instruments and their supplies of cloth and thread.