Traducción de sex drive en Español:

sex drive

libido, n.


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    libido femenino
    líbido femenino
    • Testosterone is what makes the sex drive in men and women more aggressive.
    • The surprising thing in the article was that the guy said he completely lost his sex drive.
    • It would be wrong to describe his sex drive as high; pathological comes closer.
    • Many men have a major obsession with sex, so a sexually confident woman with a healthy sex drive is a big turn on for them.
    • Boys can become more aggressive and also develop a sex drive inappropriate for their age.
    • My confidence reappears, my body seems more familiar to me, my sex drive seems normal again.
    • These would need to be supplemented by regular testosterone injections to keep up your sex drive.
    • In the body, it converts to testosterone, which women need to have a sex drive.
    • The drugs might have something to do with his new sex drive, he thought.
    • However, some women have a higher sex drive while pregnant.
    • It can especially improve the sex drive of menopausal women.
    • The drug lowers the sex drive in males and reduces the frequency of mental imagery of sexually arousing scenes.
    • As the resentment continued to grow, my sex drive diminished even further.
    • Eating strawberries and raspberries can increase your sex drive, a nutritionist claimed today.
    • As you return to a more normal state of health, your sex drive should return.
    • Something has stalled your sex drive, and you need to find out what it is.
    • Your sex drive is strong and you desire instant gratification.
    • There are many women with a high sex drive who find willing partners without going in that direction.
    • The anxiety has since gone away, however I now find myself with a low sex drive.
    • However, there's nothing wrong with my sex drive, which is a shame, as I could do with being impotent for a while.