Traducción de sex industry en Español:

sex industry

industria del sexo, n.


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    industria del sexo femenino
    • By making my voice heard, people can learn more about the different people who work in the sex industry.
    • The divide also runs through the sex industry itself.
    • But I have to agree with her assertion that you don't seem to know very much about the sex industry and how it works.
    • ‘It deserves recognition as an art form, it shouldn't just be limited as a skill within the sex industry,’ Sam says.
    • She is more interested in self-discovery than in publication, and her writing is based on personal experience in the sex industry.
    • And that one day everything changed and she fell apart, started drinking heavily, maybe even got a job in the sex industry.
    • This is indeed one movie about the sex industry that doesn't flaunt breasts and bodily functions as its stock in trade.
    • People were asked if they would like to sign a letter to the prime minister, calling for the decriminalization of the sex industry.
    • The increasing normalization of the sex industry was apparent in the print media as well, including, for the first time, an acknowledgment of the previously illicit trade in male prostitution.
    • No such body exists for the sex industry, so the initiatives are of necessity ad-hoc and scattered.
    • Those were positive impressions of women who were working in the sex industry or being promiscuous and enjoying it.
    • Rather, it led to the emergence of a new profession - the pimp - and an increasingly male-controlled sex industry.
    • For entirely academic and worthy reasons, I'm trying to get hold of anyone in academia (UK or otherwise) who has direct contacts with the sex industry, especially videos/magazines.
    • They're trying to get rid of the sex industry, and also they're trying to get elected.
    • Representatives from several women's rights groups said the decriminalisation and legalisation of prostitution would only benefit the sex industry and its customers, while putting sex workers at even greater risk.
    • The gay sex industry works pretty much in the same way as it does here.
    • Is anyone going to argue with this lecherous millionaire over the profit margins of the sex industry?
    • This occurs within many different industries: agriculture, domestic service and the sex industry being those that consistently rank among the highest in investigations into this problem.
    • People are used to work about the sex industry being more political, or having an agenda.
    • The website is backed up by people who work in the sex industry which, I think is going to make a huge difference.